@goat one from each region, one from each type, any number of starters that I want, first form only, all forms allowed, mega evolutions included, gigantimax forms?

@goat the reason I'm taking so long is because I'm making a tierlist maker with all the starters


@goat the categories are mostly in dex order but the blunt rotation is in order of rank

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@goat listen, I love mudkip with all my heart, but mudkip just isn't the kind of friend I'd wanna smoke weed with

@goat mudkip is that childhood friend from school who you're not sure smokes weed or not, so if they had some and offered it I'd smoke with them, but it's just not The Vibe

@goat wait goat, are you a pokémon *discreetly gets out a pokéball out of my pocket*

@omni @bees Not Everything Is Horny! Two Friends Can Just RP Being Pokemon!

@goat "would you like to nickname the captured Goatbold?"


@goat change your display name goat, your new name is STINKY :)

@goat don't make me put you back in the pokéball STINKY

also if anyone disagrees with me, debate me cowards

@SapphicGiraffic being able to use psychic to pass along the joint is A++

@bees @goat I agree with 90% of this but I'm sorry, you're dead wrong about Chespin & Chesnaught.

You're right about Quilladen tho, that little roly poly would *say* it was just weed but secretly sneak in some fucking salvia because it'd be "mad funny"

@swiff @goat the chespin line isn't there because I think they'd be bad to smoke with (ok, Quilladen would and I'm glad we agree with that), they're there because we have personal beef and you just don't want those vibes y'know?

@bees @goat It's a shame because I normally really like the awkward middle evolutions but Quilladen is a goddamn little bastard and not to be trusted

@swiff @goat Quilladen is the kid in school who thought that yelling in class JUST to interrupt the teacher was funny

@bees @goat Quilladen was still trying to get people to play that game where they just yell penis back and forth louder and louder in, like, junior year of high school. He was just the only one yelling anything anymore.

@swiff @goat Julles lore: I committed HARD to penis game on like, improv trips or school sleepovers or shit at events and stuff, when it was an ok time for penis game I went hog wild

@bees @goat I'm not saying I disagree with this placement, but I find it interesting that despite the absolute glee with which you bully greninja you would still invite him to the circle. Who says he even wants to smoke with you anymore

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