🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

What does every financial crisis need? A dental emergency!

My wife has been out of work for 3 weeks due to fuckery, but she finally gets to go back tomorrow! Except… a dental abscess that is only getting worse and could easily turn into a brain infection or sepsis.

We found a dentist open Sunday! It’s $50 get seen, we won’t know how much to fix it until after but we’ll be expected to pay before she can be treated.

Please boost! Payment deets below! #mutualaid

🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

Any assistance EXTREMELY appreciated, we can’t earn our own money if we can’t get this handled ;_; my poor sweet wife just wants to get back to work

Venmo: @londonshine (0309 if prompted)
Cashapp: $glamorshark
Revolut: @glamorshark

🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

@hammerhead just sent 50 usd via paypal, lemme know when it clears

🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

@bees we got it!!! you rock thank yooou <3


🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

@hammerhead it's my pleasure!! also, since PayPal doesn't have this emoji:

:peglin: 🪥

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