I'll literally pay one of y'all to follow me around for a week and take candids whenever I look hot, seems more efficient


@swiff Swiff if you come to my town I'll show you all the food background scenic shit, I'll show you the giant glowing cross on the mountain, I'll show you the Olympic stadium, all those big interface places, I know this really hot underpass where all the graffiti artists paint, I'll show you the giant Wolfe statue made out of recycled motorcycle parts that's on a hill overlooking a massive dusty green space, the ferris wheel, the view of the entire city from the mountain

@swiff it'll be a whole fully diagetic picture experience coming from a sick tour of the city

@bees we will, as one, point at the olympic stadium and ask passersby if that's A FWEAKIN' INTERFACE REFERENCE??? POG!

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