The sentence "I don't believe in UFOs" is inherently funny to me because it always makes me imagine a Guy who can identify anything in the sky

@bees wearing two telescopes as glasses I don't believe in ufos

@HoneyMoon *points to a thing in the sky* ok well what's that then?

@bees why that's the sun obviousl- aaaaaaaAaaaAAAAAAA MY EYES!!!

@bees anything can be a UFO if you're bad enough at identifying it

similar to how any machine can be a smoke machine if you simply do it wrong enough,

@wigglytuffitout @bees I saw a ufo a while back, it was near the airport and I couldn't tell if it was a weird looking helicopter or a plane with weird livery. Pretty sure it was one of those, but I was not able to identify it before it passed behind some trees

@bees it's "identified object" not "correctly identified object"

(which reminds me of how a lot of other people see shapes in clouds, but when I look at them I'm just like, that's a cloud)

@bees every second person in the milsim crowd can identify every airplane by silhouette and the best i am ever able to do is tell if its there or not

@jamescheese me: oh shit is that a bird or something

them: actually it's a q7-90-69-b-f-zzz-q-3r9-37-eleventy-twelve, they were produced for exactly a two week span and were made in Groenland as the only airplane that can be piloted by fish

@bees i can identify any flying object. nobody asks me to though so i don't bother

@bees *crushing an entire can of store brand dr pepper* i can name Every Bird

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