P.S.A. there are better places to dispose of your condom wrapper than in last night's pasta pot while it soaks in the sink

@breakfastgolem @bees @swiff *dips crazy bread stick into the Little Caesar's Hot and Ready Sauce Sock™*

@magicalmilly @swiff I GOT JUKED TOO BECAUSE THERE WAS A CHOCOLATE WRAPPER SO I WAS LIKE "oh ok there's just another chocolate wrapper" but NO

@umalkosh I haven't had any need for a condom in a year

@bees how else am I supposed to colander dry it out in the morning to use later

@bees i agree ☺️ glad everyone is on the same page about this ☺️

@bees i would ask how this could happen but i know how it could happen it's just fucked up

@HoneyMoon I have NO IDEA and I talked to my roomie who was involved in the use of that condom and she also has no idea which makes it even MORE perplexing

@bees I'm convinced you're living in a live action reality tv show at this point

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