Who's the racist butter lady from food Network again?

The chairman from iron chef could get it

So could Alton Brown in cutthroat kitchen is a kinky daddy Dom sorry but that's literally just textual

It's fucked how you cook dildos by boiling them

Hard-boiled eggs in the shape of a dildo


Is that just temperature play crossed with oviposition

Fuck it'd be fucked up if like someone cooked you from the inside out

Cuz I already eat dick pussy ass and tiddies

Milf-phonic (when all the voice actors for your show are milfs)


When human pet guy eventually talks about foot kink he'll either be incredibly into it or he'll roast it to shit

Human pet guy
Pellets guy
American wife guy

Martin Luther nailing 95 femboys against the church door

I tried to use the voice thing to search where he nailed good theses but Google assistant heard feces and now my search results are autofolling with "Martin Luther constipation"

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