I'm just a widdle zerg drone, I sure hope no one steps on me and then turns me into a big house that other zerg go in and out of, I would hate if if a bunch of zerg went and lived inside of me and pissed inside of me and used me as a house and a toilet oouuuuh I would HATE that

@root yeah it's that button with the two arrows in a square that's right below the post

@bees legit was looking at the buttons for a few seconds like, wha i dont see a square button with arrows outside the boost option and bees wouldnt LIE to me. no they would tell me the truth and there is another button that was added here for that, surely.

@root oh my goodness I'm sorry for bamboozling you like that 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ

@bees no no it was funny lmao i got the joke after a second and did a sitcom, "juuuuuulles!"

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