the only real problem with cancel culture is that it's unregulated. in the past we've seen it go against people like Benedict Cumberbatch, with is clearly homophobic (because of Johnlock, obviously) and J.K. Rowling (people who are just jocks clearly, being a Potterhead is a clear signifier of woke political test usually). No, what we need is government-sanctioned and led fandom coalitions, think of it! If Joe Biden gave the BTS Army legal jurisdiction to cancel people (cont.)

we could finally cancel bullies like Kim John and fix the conflict there! Whovians would be able to cancel biblethumpers who push creationism because we have a broader more accurate understanding of global history and we could help shut that down. When unruly people like Lebrohn James disrespect our great country, Stanilton can come out and legally cancel him, we'd be able to cite our nation's great history! And the thing is cancellation could be a legal status! Like probation (cont.)

If you're cancelled then you aren't allowed on media for at least 4 years, after which you have a 2 year wokeness probation to make sure you aren't bad anymore! We could have government-owned wokeness schools to help re-edjucate the bad people in the world (because clearly, we can just use our facts logic amazing media and stuff to help them understand!!), cancelled politicians would no longer be allowed to hold power, which would fix any future Trump-type problems! It's really the way to go!!

@bees I wish to unread this post it is so powerfully cursed

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