Treasured mutuals, tolerated simps, and myriad haters, welcome one and all to the most anticipated and feared day of the year, #Dregday2021 !

This year we have a truly impressive collection of awful terrible horrible content both new and old guaranteed to make you howl and cry and claw desperately at your eyes as if to drag the memory of what you have seen from your mind knowing full well any such attempt is utterly futile.

All content will be appropriately captioned and CW'd to ensure that all those who want to can partake, and all those who would rather abstain are able to.

Also as a reminder, this year I will be hanging out in the Monads discord VC for as much of the next 24 hours as my physiology will let me, so come join in if you're cool for what i'm sure will be a deeply chaotic group dregday appreciation session.

I will be keeping tabs on #Dregday2021 so please tag all dregday content/commentary so I can see it :)

Good Luck! <3

bestiality-ish??, white woman shit 

#Dregday2021 to start off with, here's an old and deeply underrated classic

the worst political diagram you have ever seen 

next, here's a old fedi classic that has been verified by an occultist as an actual cursed image!


marvel, diaper fetish 

this is the first donation post of 2021, contributed by none other than Rico @georgespolitzer and i only hope it hurts them as much to be reminded of it as it did for me when they sent it

bronies, bdsm mention, just kind of A Lot 

Because what would dregday be without bronies utterly failing to be normal.

This is the only post that ended up being too large for one, so watch out for part 2!



A few weeks ago i found maybe one of the weirdest tumblr blogs i've ever fucking seen

implied slur, twitchman 

the last paragraph in this post will hit you like a truck


incel poetry, sui mention 

Here we have another donation, the first contribution from my ever-vigilant co-host Melissa @RussellsBarbershopQuartet who is also posting old classic dregday posts from the tumblr days in #DregdayClassic, so go check it out!


military industrial complex 

just want to take an aside here to mention that @clarjon1 did a live reading of that last post in the discord and it was absolutely magnificent to experience sorry if you weren't there


vore, diapers, amy klobuchar 

I don't remember if Mal @SeanAloysiusOBrien was the one who sent this to me but i assume they did so just blame them


4chan, butter, gross, unhygenic 

hey remember when i posted that reddit post about suspicious butter activities


vore, extremely weird, old fedi classic 

this one i'm sure many are already familiar with but i just wanted to bring it back into the collective consciousness for a bit.

part 2 to come!



#Dregday2021 i genuinely don't know anything about this dude other than that he accidentally jerked off on twitch

liberals, hamilton 

i've probably got another hour in me before i crash and then i'll continue later today but holy fuck this thread is already so long


naruto, trump 

request from @Aleums for something to do with anime, a subject that has been surprisingly lacking in this year's thread

lewd, extremely normal tumblr man 

the best thing about tumblr was just stumbling onto the most unhinged people you can imagine on a regular basis

anyway enjoy the Cum Spewing Mr Rogers post


lewd, trump, bimbofication 

this will be my last post for now but i'll be back online and in the vc in a few once i've had a good crash, but for now i leave you with these images i found when i googled "Trump Bimbofication", which I shall never do again


uwu nazis 

i slept for a lot longer than i planned so i'm gonna have to accelerate my plans for the rest of today so Buckle The Fuck Up

this post donated by Mal @SeanAloysiusOBrien


american founding fathers 

also i'm back in the monads vc so come hang out!


reddit nationalism 

i feel like even though there's a lot of leftist infighting we can all band together behind a common cause: Fuck This Guy In Particular


lewd, bdsm mention, extreme cringe 

if i have to specify "extreme cringe" in a CW today of all days you know it's gonna be Something


boy horror, internet rational debateman 

i have no fucking clue who this Destiny guy is but i feel like i know everything i need to know about him just from this image



boy horror, internet rational debateman 

@ArachnoCommunist "boy horror" is not a CW I expected but it's accurate

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