Your display name is your name, your username is your middle name, and your instance is your last name

If your username and display name are the same you just don't have a middle name, or you have two, your pick

I love how the mass response to this post has basically been everyone saying their own names like pokémon, it makes me very happy

@bees how are you randy n. objectivism bees honeytown

@bees my username and display name are the same, this is perfect because I don't have a middle name in real life

@bees wait shit, read this wrong, rat ratwithscarf

@bees does the emojo in my display name count as part of my first name?

@Thomas yes, it's like a the artist formerly known as prince situation

@bees hello I'm cats who code calculsoberic (that's really weird)

@bees I mean it's still better than "🚭 requrious dotsocial"

@req only marginally because they're both REALLY good

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