hearing that kids use a flat palm instead of the pinky and thumb to mimic being on the phone has aged me 70 years

@bees Oh no I had to stop and think about how that worked.

@bees this post made me instantly die of old age

@skelly @bees OK but when I mimic dialing someone I move my finger in a circle while holding my other hand up to my ear.

@bees ah alright, I'm ok with climate change now. let the seas take me.

@bees miming *holding* the thing works either way and is thus best option, i'll die on this hill

@bees i would join the chorus of people who have also died of old age, but i am currently a pile of dust. i became so old that all of me went straight to dust, no bones laying around or anything. pile of dust.

@skelly @bees i'm so old all my bones are dust now. that's how old this information has made me.

so so old

@bees I think I'm too old to be in a retirement home now

@bees that's so cursed. that's so cursed and i hate it.

@bees confirmed this today with the office teens, they now have to sweep up the dust that once was my body before Herc eats me

@bees sounds fake, when has anyone under 30 used a phone to speak

@bees I just realized that they probably don’t put their palm to their ear, they put it in front of their face and mimic texting/scrolling with their opposite hand bc zoomers don’t make calls.

@bees Just wait til you consider how they angrily hang up the phone =P

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