@bees he looks like the fig newtons i found behind a gas station once

@Aleums @bees go ahead! website boy told me that he things angus should be wrapped in a tortilla and sold at starbucks

@Aleums @bees running in circles around samuel singing “angus is cis, angus is cis”

@saladeredux @Aleums I bet he likes Mario Mario just as much as you do

@bees @cuttlefish @Aleums that’s funny... because i’m pretty sure i heard a rumor going around that angus couldn’t figure out how to partition even a single array! let me know how selection sort is working out for him though

@bees @cuttlefish @Aleums sure! tell you what—i’ll hide my apology somewhere in an unsorted list. let’s see if angus can put it in its proper place on the order of n(log(n))

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