Russian epics be like: This is Vodonyashkamishankovilecivic also know as Yuri and also known as Geralt and also known as Tim and also know as Vodon and also known as Misha and also know as Viktor

Me: o-ok

Russian epic: anyways he dies two lines after the introduction

@bees also everyone just eats bowls of jam for dessert

@bees i feel like this is a theme for russian literature as it goes on, which is just

"hey y'all! misery and death speedrun, LET'S GOOOOOOO"

@wigglytuffitout Russian lit happy endings be like "one of the characters you met this chapter is still alive, this is a good thing!"

@bees Not only epics. This is also why Dostoevsky is completely unreadable


.... He Dies two pages later and early in the epic and for the next 650 pages... Nobody can stop talking about all the shitty things he did and how he was nothing but a miserable prick.

Russian heroes are a mystery...... There's this one guy in Russian history/legend/mythology that lead a legion of military troops on campaign into the Russian wilderness because he was so smart. He got lost and the whole legion just disappeared into the Siberian Winter.

He's a Russian hero.

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