Plagiarism is bad because it's dishonest, not because it's a violation of property rights

I don't think it's incongruous to be against intellectual property and also against plagiarism

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@bees swear to god I saw Sam's first then saw yours and I thought, "oh maybe Julles was just doing a bit with Sam's avatar for a minute"

@Thomas @bees why would you suggest something like this to them

@Thomas @bees congratulations on summoning the next julles bit

@bees thank you for being the first person to ever say this

@bees this is a really interesting take to me, and I don’t think ur wrong, but I also think the line between “ plagiarism” and “not plagiarism” is incredibly blurred

@FirstProgenitor @bees I mean it's also julles' take I guess but it's my take

@Aleums @bees okay I thought it was julles but now it’s yours I am confused

@Aleums @bees I thought I was making funny joke to boost aleums and put the real reply under julles but i don’t know who I am anymore

@FirstProgenitor @bees I had the take, and julles made a joke in reposting the take

@Aleums @FirstProgenitor but I inverted the order so it's not plagiarism technically

@FirstProgenitor @Aleums that happens when you do the joke of "literally copying someone's post" it muddles things

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