I am the pear wiggler, wiggler of the pears

the fruits quiver before them!

fuck off

a portion of all sales to the blue man group's show goes to fucking military wives

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the blue man's group are very engaged cuck right's activist

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the blue man's group more like the boob man's group lol

it's wild to know that I have a painting where all the paint was previously either inside the blue man's group's mouthes or on their flesh

being cis is like a sad clown painting but being trans is like the blue man group spitting paint on a canvas

the blue man group is like if you did titanic on the smurfs

she was a skater boy, he was an egirl, can I make it any more obvvious?

he was a tony hawk pro skater boy she said see you later ton'y hawk's pro skater boy

you touch my inner thigh and I instantly harden like cooled wax all over

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callouses are what happens when small individual parts of your skin get horny

tony hawk is what happens when you stack three wide hyperlinks in a trenchcoat but then look at it from reeeeaaallly far away

feature creep in pokémon is incredibly disheartening bc a lot of them are just rehashes of each other in a way that means that they don't feel that unique while simultaneously making you miss the specificities of each version so much when they don't get included in the next one

if sableye is easily achievable in ur pokémon game, then it's a good game

if sableye isn't easily achievable in ur pokémon it's doo doo piss garbage and I don't want it

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honey.town is a small hive of 6,001 bees, most of which are in a trenchcoat, and one that's simply buzzing around.