hell no i cannot continue working at my job beyond june 9 2021. i have a i just quit my job" party to plan that weekend which is gonna basically take up all my time

it's a new episode of commune college!

what if classic rock WASN'T super racist? @fakemaxkeeble takes me and @Proxy through the history of how "classic rock" came to exist as an inherently exclusionary curated playlist.


the year is 2021. all iphones are now slap bracelets. everyone has incredibley swolen wrists from all the slapping back and forth. also the earth has become one monumental grease fire

my internet connection stutters at the exact wrong moment during the Big Phone Key Note and i spend four hours frantically google searching "new iphone wireless charizard"

they shouldn’t be allowed to call it a “Steaks sauce” if you can put it on other Shit. COngratulations buddy on inventing another ''general sauce’’

@bees geoff keighley, dorito pope, becomes president, with kojima as his VP

very thankful that my main husband (geet’s unlikely friend who runs the H&R block twitter) has not deserted me

Voting the Cheeto out of office by voting for Doritos with my wallet instead, like a

i’m making up a new italian word known as “zeppi.” here i am using it in a sentence 

ehh!!!!!! zeppi!!

i found the igloo in super mario 64. coolest shit ever

Lewd/food shitpost 

There's a double standard in America.. people will unhinged their Jaws to eat cunt but not to eat burger smh

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Holding hands with a burger while I make this face


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Marinating my scrote in ink so that I can write my will using my squirm

the glizzy goblin appears at 4 am if you do not draw a circle of grease in your kitchen

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