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Hey so everyone here's the actual #1 Julles fashion tip, this is what is the key to my success honestly 

Get in touch with your wardrobe
Sort your closet (or drawers or piles or whatnot) based on how you feel when you wear it
I have my closet sorted in sweaters (i.e. "will cover anything else you wear") from least to most free (hoodies to zip-ups)
Long (pants, long sleeves) in fem, pants, and masc
And short tops sorted in button-ups t-shirts and tank-tops and sub-sortee from plain to wacky

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99 Morris of men on the wall, 99 Morris of men
Take one down and pass it around
98 Morris of men on the wall

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Cis people are so brave like, I can't imagine being cis that must be so hard every day, I wouldn't be able to do it honestly

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Russian epics be like: This is Vodonyashkamishankovilecivic also know as Yuri and also known as Geralt and also known as Tim and also know as Vodon and also known as Misha and also know as Viktor

Me: o-ok

Russian epic: anyways he dies two lines after the introduction

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Me sowing: haha yaaay eeeeee
Me reaping: uh oh oh no uh uh oops uh oh whoppsie oh no uh oh oh no

Enthusiasm about age is like a bell curve where we keep wanting to be old until your like mid-late 20s at which point you're like "yeah I'm an adult" for about 2 weeks until you realize how much you wish you could be a kid again

this avi was perfect for this bit because everything colophon says i am making that exact face

made a goofball sign to take up space on our sandwich board in between specials

what is a protoss? (throws a khaydarin crystal on the floor) you must construct additional piles of secrets!

Broke: "Tommy wiseau is a vampire" theory
Woke: "Tommy wiseau is D. B. Cooper" theory
Bespoke: "D. B. Cooper is a vampire" theory

june: what possesses everyone you know to spontaneously all start making fun of you at the same time

"I know Dracula and the weird ugly one, like, nose whatever his name is, and Alucard and that's about it. You're telling me there are more draculas than that?"
-- Mika

@bees Ive told mika about this twice lets see if he remembers

@bees i think i’m gonna try that soon cause that sounds so good rn

@bees i like how you and mary respond at like the exact same time lmao

Have you ever heard of Elizabeth bathory or vlad the impaler???? Or even carmilla

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Ok but Mika do you even know who the count of St Germain is?

Every time we bring up vampires someone gotta say Dracula’s name and like I GET IT he’s the ONLY VAMPIRE YOU KNOW can you GET SOME NEW MATERIAL

sweet... sweet brussels sprouts??? Is that a thing???


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