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i am beginning a campaign to eliminate all bell peppers in the world (i am mildly allergic to bell peppers)

your neighborhood exhausted healthcare worker is requesting that you share a moment of sheer, untainted joy you recently experienced. no goofs, just tell me about something really really lovely that happened to you recently. i need the vicarious joy. :oh_no:

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vicarious trauma as a frontline healthcare worker 

i know there must be some support groups out there for healthcare workers, and i know i’m only touching the surface of what my colleagues see and what my patients experience, but fucking hell.

it breaks my brain a little, to walk out of the clinic and see people living their lives as though people aren’t suffering beneath our noses. i don’t entirely understand how i’m supposed to grapple with the reality of it.

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vicarious trauma as a frontline healthcare worker 

it’s honestly a little bit shocking the things i hear, see, and smell on a regular basis. i’ve stopped sharing the details of what happened during my day because it’s too horrific to share with other people without trigger warnings galore. the kind of living conditions my patients endure, the kinds of wounds that develop from neglect, the traumas my patients share with me… it’s overwhelming.

massive tw for mention of nanjing massacre 

some pawn shop owner on tiktok found a book full of original photos taken by an american during the rape of nanjing and is asking what to do with it- if he should copy the photos before telling the owner to donate it, if he should contact a museum directly, etc….

obvs no graphic photos were shown or the video would have been deleted, but i’m sick to my stomach remembering the details of it. i’m so horrified by the capacity for evil humans have.

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Living in a Bonobo Republic (we all have sex to solve our conflicts)

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My magnum opus! It is done!

Quick facts:
✅​ It measures approximately 91" x 90".
✅​ It contains 161 hexes.
✅​ At about 2.5 hours per hex (including joining time), I put in at least 400 hours.
✅​ It weighs 14 pounds.
✅​ I used 27 full skeins of gray, 19 full skeins of other colors, and 8 partial colored skeins.
✅​ At 285 yards per skein, there is some 7.5 miles of yarn in this project!

The pattern is Swirly Candy (

The yarn is Loops & Threads Impeccable.

#crochet #fiberart #donteverletmedosomethinglikethisagain

please caption your images y’all have been so BAD about it lately :Kondo_Gun:

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at all times leftist men are like 2 seconds from posting their fantasies of big sexy fascist women who they can fuck so hard the women stop being fascist. it's disturbing.

to clarify… he means she was enjoying being sprayed by a water bottle he was trying to use to discourage her from climbing the snake tanks.

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living with cishets can be dangerous. my housemate just shouted “our cat likes watersports!” and i almost choked on my soda.

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Do you need some wholesome whimsy to start your day? Or end it?

Go to

Every day for 11+ years Tatsuya Tanaka has posted a new clever diorama. (It even has an RSS feed!)

when homeless folks are experiencing mental health, the number 1 barrier typically preventing them from being well is being poor.

when ppl have access to good food, safe housing, and adequate transportation to compassionate medical care, ppl get better.

when ppl have their encampments trashed, belongings stolen, and are criminalized for being mentally ill, they get worse.

not difficult math.

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“i’ve worked in homeless advocacy groups and im in favor of this draconian anti homeless law because homeless people have mental health” is one of my least favorite genres of internet post. sure it’s probably frequently just a lie but there’s definitely some of those fucking pieces of shit out there calling themselves a good person for “working with the homeless” while openly despising them

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the funniest thing in the world to me is that fascists apparently think that the framing device of sissy hypno porn is real. this isn't just a human pet guy thing. there's a real faction of chuds that are deathly afraid of Big Sissy Hypno. I'm absolutely losing my mind

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im love julles, every single bee of em

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