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and how they literally have people in ghettos with armbands that have stars on em? hell yeah. anyway, unrelated, but did any of y’all hear about how there’s a secret group of Elite Globalists who rule the world and bathe in the blood of Christians?

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remember when AoT’s creator talked about how the titans were metaphors for jews and ate children like blood libel? cool show, 10/10

attack on Titan is gonna do it's Nazi reveal when the rest of the series is adapted in a few weeks, lol

paging my friends who know about radio free asia, who has an article describing anti-chinese propaganda that i can send to someone who thinks “gutter oil” is real

jordan peterson: the honey, which he instinctively craves, and the beehive, obviously a yonic shape, representing the feminine sex, the honey is the elixir that must be recovered from the depths of chaos. and tigger—

matthew mcconaughey: that's the bouncing tiger. the tiger that bounces

jordan peterson: —yes, this bouncing fiend. he is an agent of chaos, an agent of cultural marxism

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my world has been rocked by the fact Flowless is actually 4 feet tall.

Supply chain of silicone platonic arses remains stable. You can still walk into any corner store and get a platonic arse in this great country

a lot of fucked up parenting is rooted in the belief that they are ultimately tasked to produce a perfect worker

oh since we last spoke i got matryoshka dolls tattooed on the back of my thigh btw. i need another session but i’ll share it when i’m done. repping my slav cred.

the julles-esvrld cursedness scale (analogous to hue in HSV):

1. julles
2. melissa
3. delta
4. esvrld

the dark web is when i turn off the internet at night to save power

every mfer on this website with some dipshit story about how they used to be alt right but have changed their ways is my personal enemy

hellsites, egirls, and monads….. this webbedsite has gone to the dogs (tankies)

anti tankie rap voice

Yeah, ah huh!

This one goes out to all my uwupuppers out there, all you victims of communism, members of the blocked by goat club!

I'm the anti-tankie rapper and I'm here to say

I don't like tankies in a major way!

Don't do drugs, stay in school

Mining bitcoin is really cool!

OOOOOHHHHH thank you for the reddit goooold!! Anti-Tankie rapper OUT!

this is a monads subtweet…… the fashy-est server in the fediverse. :gatopensa:

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