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still a while away from stealing the crown of best facial-hair-haver from my zayde. gettin there tho!!!

i fell in love with my double chin when i realized it was my zayde’s. 🥲

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the sole purpose of this toot is to show my face and announce i’ve been on T for 14 months and am fully inhabiting butchfag identity. the transition from nice fem -> mean butch is so delightful, can’t recommend enough.

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No nut november is a commoner holiday and I see no reason why I should participate

ask not what you can do for men on grindr, ask what the men on grindr can do for you. giving u fresh tres leche > giving u head.

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obsessed with a guy trying to thirst trap me with concha pics? no this isn’t a euphemism, he’s sending me pics of freshly made pan dulce and honestly i’m halfway out the door

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fediblock recommendation 

neko dot ci is engaging in targeted harassment of trans folks. Beware.


“i am not feeling good.” -bo 

at my last appt my doctor looked at me with genuine concern and told me it sounded like i was under a massive amount of stress.

i looked at her and almost laughed in her face. at this point i don’t know how you feel safe or relaxed. there’s a level of subliminal dread that follows me like a shadow. i get thirty emails a day about housing insecurity and community transmission rates. is it possible to feel secure without the rose-tinted lenses of financial security?

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it’s fascinating having seen how my health has declined over the last few years from the constant stress and strain of working 40hrs/week at a nonprofit that essentially functions to kiss the ass of the upper class and make them feel less bad for not having universal healthcare.

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depressing realizing how deeply my brain is hardwired for capitalism

the thought starts: i’m tired of labor

the instinctual response: how can i monetize my passion, my personhood, my body, so i can afford food and shelter

i don’t want to monetize myself. i just want to exist.

no bcs it’s very simple i do not want to donate my labor to my wealthy bosses anymore. i just want to live.

also can i just say that as a person who has been cutting their own hair since the advent of the pandemic this picture makes me feel SO good about my ability to shave/line the back of my neck. it’s so much better than it was when i started using clippers. 😫

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the first part of my backpiece is complete!

more to follow after our next session in december. 🤍

cw: nonsexual nudity

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we’re currently on day two of my backpiece!! we’re doing the flowers on my ass today, we didn’t quite get to them yesterday 😮‍💨 this pic was taken yesterday after we finished! ass flower pics will come after today 😈

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cw: noah’s naked ass (not sexual, ey’re just getting a tattoo!) 

if you’re wearing socks, does it still count as a nude? 🤫

(first session on my backpiece, three years in the making 🤍)

there weren't any good mirrors at the wedding so you will have to settle for this raccoon eye post party drip
(cat ec only) :boost_ok:

at this point i’m just obnoxious to live with. once you learn how many things are connected to subconscious extra-sensory input, it’s hard not to understand how much of an autistic person’s mood and wellbeing is connected to their environment.

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housemate: ugh, it’s so humid and cloudy and i just want to sit in a corner and cry.

me: …..y’know why you feel like this, right?

him: huh? no?

me: autistic people are more sensitive to barometric pressure shifts. y’know…. like how before it rains the air pressure drops.

him: ……you’re fucking kidding.

me: nope. it’s autism again.


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