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obviously bullets don't work against ninjas. fricking amateur hour

so nobody but me wants to talk about how adele ripped off mitski’s “liquid smooth” in 2012 when she released “skyfall”?

i’m ready to fuck up whoever writes adele’s music for her

can confirm, venom 2 was goofy, fun, and very hentai-y at parts

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my fave genre of action movie is the á la mad max fury road

“it’s kinda fucking brainless but it’s also so fun that you’re going to have an awesome time in the theatre, even though every film critic is going to either rate it poorly or begrudgingly call it an ‘ironic critique of the genre’ or whatever”

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extremely minor spoilers for a scene in venom (i still have not seen it i just heard this happens) 

all i’m saying is the critics hate it, the audiences seem to be loving it, and apparently venom parties at a gay nightclub. that’s all i’m saying.

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have i watched it yet? no.

am i gonna? fuck yes.

(plz don’t spoil me.)

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every review i’ve read of venom 2 is basically:

“wow, they uh, really leaned into the romance, huh. well, if you wanna see the slime thing and the human disaster flirt, congrats, that’s the whole movie.”

monsterfuckers, 1
cishets, 0

also, i don’t know who needs to hear this, but sex strikes work *really* well. if you or your buddies have sex with people who aren’t radical anticapitalists, cut that shit out. it’s not like the sex was even that good in the first place.

conservatives, liberals, rich people…. don’t have sex with them unless you’re getting paid.

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Like, yes, nobody should have to work

But you have to build a society where there is still space for most people to work

Because they will want to

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demand accommodation, demand space, create a ruckus. be loud and messy and volatile. buy food for your friends and tell them you love them without shame. ignore or publicly disparage bootlickers and pessimists. make it embarrassing for them.

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don't let them break you. congratulate yourself for moving slowly today. acknowledge that feeling defeated by capitalism serves no one but those who orchestrate it. be unfailingly, irrepressibly, loudly enthusiastic about the end of capitalism and the dawn of what will come after. bully wealthy people whenever possible.

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deliberately take time to engage with joy, with nature, with your community. deliberately take that extra 30 minutes to reply to your boss. make your morning coffee and take your morning shit on company time. set up a free market for clothes and essentials in your area. weaponize "laziness". do the bare minimum. fuck over your company whenever possible.

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talk with those you know who own land and look up how to cede your land to indigenous nations in your area. gather with neighbors and organize meal prep for your unhoused neighbors. distribute face masks. participate in mutual aid for Black and Indigenous people. be a nuisance. waste their time.

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the reason why i'm word-vomiting audre lorde's core thesis(s) on the TL is because we are at a point where the veil is thin. there is a labor shortage, an overwhelming discontent among the working class, and an opportunity to seize power.

organize and unionize your workplace. encourage strikes. work slower. take time to build relationships with your neighbors. look for new work and quit your old job without notice.

they're weak right now. hit them where it hurts.

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liberalism is believing the master's tools can be used to deconstruct the master's house.

but universal basic human needs, like housing, food, or healthcare will never be achieved by working with or within a system that only functions because of the looming threat of their loss.

capitalists are aware of this: those who labor for them, whether liberal or conservative, are not.

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i have to repeat it to myself on days like this:

my mental health is not a result of a personal failure to thrive. my exhaustion is a product of deliberate and systematic violence.

if we weren't isolated, starved, and abused, the collective power and empathy of humanity would have systems of oppression obliterated.

where i am and how i feel is a product of capitalism, not a personal circumstance.

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There's no fixing "America." There is the possibility of overthrowing said government and starting anew--but "America" as a concept has always been a union bonded, both in the North and South, by white supremacy

deeply exasperated with the artificial nihilism pushed by capitalism:

there /is/ more to life than late-stage capitalism and the creeping reality of ecological disasters. humans are so incredibly capable of empathy and community. that call of the void that infects young leftists isn't accidental.

if more people retained their genuine belief and hope for a better future, it would be that much harder for capitalism to prevent organized resistance and resilience.

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pre-empting the eugenicists:

i'm disabled as fuck but i can think of hundreds of ways i would be a valuable community member, and the criticism of anticapitalism that relies on arguments about "laziness" or "mooching" are problematic in every context, but also just blatantly untrue. disabled folks are only excluded from labor when the labor asks us to sell our health and sanity. how much more could we achieve if we weren't deliberately exhausted as a bid to eliminate our ability to organize?

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