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imagine being fingered by one of those pro techdeck guys

you know you’re getting old when your :hitachi: starts getting a lot of hours in as an actual massager

hahaha long stressful week makes IBS go brrrrrrr

it’s like a 20% discount too which feels like a p decent freebie? like huh

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also my fave coffeeshop has been giving me a “neighbor” discount and i never noticed??? they’ve literally never mentioned it to me so i’m convinced it’s just a sexy gay person discount

also while i have been spiritually absent from this webbed site as i was in a depressive episode for a few months there the sun is out and so are my nipless moobs

there is no good way to answer the question “what is mastodon”

id like to go on record as 100% endorsing the "bottoming isnt gay but topping is gay" stance

oh my god nobody tell them but i’m in love a teensy bit. they’re so great 😩

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i had a tummy ache bcs apparently i ate something i’m allergic to while snacking earlier today but i took some benadryl and things are looking up 😤👌

stupid digestive issues makin me look bad in front of the new boo (who is latine and raised in spicy)

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bb is taking me to try birria tacos for the 1st time bcs it’s their fave 🥺💕

shoutout to all of the invisible and translucent trans people who aren’t opaque enough to celebrate TDOV 🥲

instance block rec appepars to be an instance run by the german government. get that the fuck out of here #fediblock

have you ever had sand thrown at you by a little kid? they are merciless

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"It's so neat how people have interests they dive into so deeply, wish I could have that" *spent an hour last night redoing all my bridges so in city skylines so that the cruise and cargo ships didn't clip through them, despite it not affecting the game at all* "yep, would be nice"

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