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i’m laying in my bath bcs that’s my solution to any physical or mental discomfort and i just gotta say:

it’s okay to not be doing well. whether you’re disabled or abled, neurodivergent or NT, there’s still an incredibly stressful and overwhelming crisis going on in our country that is impacting our daily lives.

i have to remind myself that just because we’re coming up on a year of this shared traumatic reality doesn’t mean we’re “adjusted”. it’s okay to not feel okay.

ugh sorry i’ve been awol y’all i have been in hardcore hermit mode and ignoring everyone who tries to contact me lmfao

the scrotum IS labia and vice versa. the clitoris IS a penis and vice versa. the prostate IS Skene's glands and vice versa. ovaries ARE testicles and vice versa.

said another way, there are scrotolabial folds which can develop into a fused or non-fused form, or even be incompletely fused. intermediate forms for the same organ which develops into both "the prostate" and "Skene's glands" exist. gonads have two primary adult morphs, but plenty of people's endocrine systems are "sex-intermediate"

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it's so interesting that people today will hear about the single-sex theory that was prevalent in Medieval European thought and laugh about it, as if that's such a silly idea

instead of, you know, being essentially the modern interpretation of the embryological evidence of sex differentiation in humans

*about to have sex, taking out my dick*
me: content warning. my dick and balls
partner: show more

top ten dark threatening oil paintings of vegetables to think about death next to

@healyn hasn’t posted in 2 days but he’ll back back for this good good content

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itd be really funny if redditors caused a massive economic depression

important news for @healyn

zanzibar by billy joel is a trending song on tiktok and there is a dance to it that ppl are doing. being a true billy joel fan of course i made a dance video for it.

😤 this one’s for the real fans only 😤

oh god okay, last day of this fucking move hopefully

nsfw testosterone tmi 

asscrack hair make my gender go brrrrrrrrrrr

went on t seeking: a deep voice, muscles, body hair, growing a dick, mood, gender euphoria

what t has given me: if you were to scrape my back you could harvest enough oil to keep the holy lamp burning for eight days and eight nights

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omg trans ppl who take testosterone plz sympathize w me 

WHY IS MY BACK SO OILYYYYYY WHAT THE FUCKKKKK what evolutionary benefit does this have???? it’s sooooo grossssss

@Manurweibling @bee jesus christ. too bad kinkshaming doesn't have real world consequences because this dude needs some

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