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is it hard sharing a server with @bees , an unbearably cute and funny nonbinary twink with a suspiciously similar name to mine? of course it is. that’s why i’m in the process of rebranding as a bear, and keeping a secret weapon up my sleeve: at any moment i could rename myself as jullles, with three L’s, and completely wreck their whole aesthetic.


i get to up my dose of t!!!!!! hell yeah!!!!!!! woo woo all aboard the t train!!!!!! (.25ml>.3ml aka 50mg>70mg)

fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving

thanksgiving hate 

can i just say

who the fuck is doing thanksgiving. i’ve literally never celebrated. why would you do it this year. i’m so confused.

remember when the cdc's official advice was "do whatever you want but wash your hands"

y'ever think about how the Irish potato famine and associated plagues basically wouldn't have starved millions if not for Thomas Malthus convincing both major political parties of the time that the famine was a natural part of population control and would help turn Ireland away from their agrarian communal villages into a modern, capitalist economy?

you’re laughing. someone just drew an unlicensed version of mickey mouse and you’re laughing.

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

It would be something if the ADA had as much power as the anti-maskers say it does

your dick, balls and taint, or your life, commander

hrt facial hair update (8 weeks on t) 

y’all i turned on the flash today and looked at my face and UMMMM?????

"Under communism you have to deal with long lines just to access vital resources"

Covid in prisons 

"We cannot social distance," 29-year-old Devon Glenn told the Free Press in a phone interview, adding that the man using the phone next to him was 2 feet away. "I understand I'm in prison. I understand where I'm at, but I don’t wanna lose my life in here. ... I wasn’t sentenced to death."

does anyone understand CA short term disability payments and want to help me? 

hi ok so: i got surgery on 10/26, filed for a disability claim from 10/26-11/16. so far i got one check for 11/3-11/5. i have not gotten anything else since.

i filled out the “continuation of benefits” 2500A on 11/15 bcs i thought i was supposed to fill it out when i recovered.

why haven’t i recieved anything for 11/6-11/15? rent is coming up and i am ✨stressed✨ haha

request for love and “i’m proud of you” energy 

however, i am feeling bummed, because i did have some small hope that they were going to be tentatively happy for me. i really tried to swing the “i’m excited to share this joy and happiness with you” angle and it seems they didn’t take the bait.

so if y’all wanna send me some “we love you” messages for me to wake up to that would be excellent, because i’m probably also going to wake up to their reply email and that shit’s gonna suck.

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coming out to family (update) 

the only thing that would genuinely devastate me is if a) my dad relapsed into alcoholism and/or b) my parents got divorced and used this as the reason

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coming out to family (update) 

just got off an hour long facetime with my sister & i have updates

my parents have read the email, and my mom has been crying all day (tight) and is working on composing an email in response.

main response seems to be grief and sadness and “why is this all happening so fast” thus far, my parents are/were trying to prevent sophie from knowing what’s happening (i bcc’d her on the email lmfao)

so, slightly worse than expected!!

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