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Uspol, colombia day 

Trump's bullshit he put out today is legit terrifying.

Not captioned because I'm at work and it's a lot.

goodnight fedi, and sweet dreams specifically to trans folks. i love our community, and i love us.

asking for mutual aid for unexpected dental bill 

here’s proof for anyone who wants to see it! the total i have to pay is at the bottom highlighted in red.

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asking for mutual aid for unexpected dental bill 

hi y’all, i hate to have to make a begpost but an unexpected dental bill is really fucking with my finances. i need to buy a new car to get to work and now need to find an extra $2,660 to pay for my eight fillings and two new crowns, as my old crowns are almost two years past when they should have been removed.

if you’re in a good financial situation and would like to help me fix my teeth, i would hugely appreciate it. my venmo is @ juicebat.

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in a fit of rage i tried to figure out why i can’t shake my voluptuous massive ass

and discovered i actually know how to twerk, and have been hyperfixating on this for an hour for NO GOOD REASON

why did nobody tell me i knew how i’ve complained that i didn’t know to so many people 😖

does anyone want to get into a fight with me abt the validity of they/them or he/him lesbians today?

i am just really feeling the need to bring out the block hammer and i just think this would be a good prompt

my housemate is dope 

i fuckin love my housemate, he’s the best

literally has misgendered me less than anyone else i know, despite dating me when I ID’d as a girl for 5yrs.

king shit.

needles lmao 

and thats on subcu injections

anyway IM injections are bullshit don’t do em

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needles lmao 

god i love 23g needles they're so great. literally didnt feel it. thank u fedi.

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someone tell me to just do my t shot already

are any of u weirdos into mechanical keyboards bcs tbh i really would do the most for a simp to give me 2hrs of their time so i can ask them basic questions

does anyone want to play among us with me

i dont have the brain power for ffxiv but i am ready to throw wild accusations at my friends for murders they didnt do in a video game

mounds meta 

better than almond joy? almost certainly.

there's been so much account migration happening that i honestly don't know who anyone on monads is, really

but shit, whoever y'all are, y'all are fucking funny

if i was eugen I would just ask the folks over at twitter how it is they managed to make such a good website

@garfield I’m not supposed to tell people this but i’m actually the guy who reshapes and reconfigures the borders of whiteness. 20 dollars gets you on the list. 60 takes an ethnic group of your choice off of it. i get so much money from the italian mob from this.

hey white people, the DARVO thread going around is good resources for spotting bad actors in the community that come for the BIPoC, especially the Black femmes on the fedi. if you want to help stop racists smearing reputations, its important to understand what you're dealing with

@Santacruzjoker i know u just sent a follow request but really don’t think i can handle u following me. i’m just so scared i’ll click on ur account again and have to see ur pfp.

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