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weirdest thing abt the air quality of 180ppm rn is that there are people not? wearing? masks? like....ok we get it, the pandemic is fake

but canโ€™t u smell the fucking SMOKE bruh??????

i made a good tiktok, yโ€™all are welcome to enjoy it ๐Ÿฅณ (warning for ec & terf dogwhistles)

also hey i will protect my transmasc homies w my fucking life

people of all different sorts sorts of genders and assigned sex, who's discussion of gender and queerness are generally well received, almost Constantly: just a quick reminder that feminity isn't inherently good and masculinity isn't inherently bad. here's a very thought and nuanced post on why thanx
someone literally inevitably: hmmmmmmm........... i suppose i see your point but ๐Ÿค” what if masculinity IS inherently bad tho.....

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do you think that trans men are out there living like your dads and douchey exes and creepy bosses?? like do you think we're all just Having Fun With The Lads, escaping the difficulties that come with being feminine or trans or queer?? that we do not continue to experience various mixed up forms of sexism, transphobia and homophobia regularly?? like you think we're out here being men cause it's a fun easy way to cheat the system??

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this may be a really bad and wrong take but i straight up think cis men are treated with more respect and grace because they could still potentially be eggs that get cracked and share the same Gender Enlightening Experiences where as trans men (and any trans masculine prople deemed Sufficiently Male) have made a definitive, loud decision to be masculine and enjoy masculinity and people don't know what to do with that

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little known fact but once you realize you are a trans man and want to transition your entire life of experience being treated like and or believing you are a woman, all your humiliation and pain and trauma caused by experiencing sexist violence, your thoughts on why and how women are harmed and your criticism for cis men Completely disappears along with all the ongoing sexism and transphobia you experience and you become a cis passing bro dude who needs to be spoon fed feminist theory

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literally not even cishet men who are leftists/allies and share our communities get the same sort of fucking nitpicky infantilizing dismissive criticism that trans masc people do constantly lmao

yโ€™all go to sleep. itโ€™s officially bedtime for americans.

iโ€™ve changed my mind. i wanna be clint mcelroy.

i will never be a podcaster because i have made my anti-haunted-mattress stance clear and refuse to waver

i'm triz, a complete original and i cannot be brothered

I can always escape the Travis label by asserting that I'm a but that's truly the nuclear option

in june everybody follows the twinks accounts out of charity, in july we unfollow, and in august we block them. the twinks are then unblocked in september, out of duty towards 9/11

@bee @bees @Absolutely_Blakely julles i am very sorry, you know i love you but you absolutely have the travis energy of like, i gotta talk over you sorry i just gotta get this bit out before i forget it

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