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everyone who had scene bangs in 2004 is so hot now

kitten is getting spayed and microchipped today, v exciting

maybe my tru calling is sculpting ears with lil holes to hold my body jewelry

not to be dramatic but flash warning aside, spiderman into the spiderverse is probably one of the best movies ever created

alc, food, joy 

i’m tipsy on my new INCREDIBLY delicious gin, and just ordered hawaiian food, aka the best drunk food that exists. i’m so fucking excited.

not to mention being able to do dishes, pick up the house.....i’m still working on feeding/watering myself but shit!!! neurotypicals is this what it feels like on easy mode???????

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shockingly, having the executive functioning skills to clean my room every day has a huge impact on my wellbeing

Black trans woman death 

Queasha D Hardy

A Black trans woman was murdered in Baton Rouge, and is being dead named by journalists

Feel free to email The Advocate at

You deadnamed Queasha D Hardy as the victim in a shooting on
N Harco Drive. Deadnaming is harmful and poor journalistic practice especially if the defense for using a deadname is, “that’s what was on the police report.”

developers, engineers, coders, programmers... do you think plumbers have 10 different names for their job

uspol, covid, trump administration 

Facebook post by Dr Jeff Hester:
“The data show the 7-day running average number of COVID-19 cases reported in the U.S. The sudden break from rapid climb to flat corresponds to the day to the handover of responsibility for the data from the CDC to the highly politicized Department of Health & Human Services. It is difficult not to conclude that official numbers can no longer be trusted to tell us anything meaningful about the course of the pandemic in the U.S.”
A graph is attached which depicts the data he's describing.

e-sex work, check it out! boosts+ :blobuwu: 


I've been meaning to sell my nudes, but once I've taken one I'm always too proud to not post it. So if you have a lewd request you want, you can buy it from me, and I'll take it! It can be anything! and then I'll either DM it to just you, or post it, whatever you prefer

I'd prolly start at like 5$ for a nude, 10$ for a larger set or a video -- but I'm flexible! whatever you can manage

just DM me your request, my PayPal and ko-fi are in my bio~!


shoutout to @Pixley who convinced me to buy good alcohol for the first time in my life. i’m going to make a “bee’s knees” cocktail with my new bottle of hendrick’s gin tmrw night!


why is it i only ever want to drink when it’s inconvenient? i have an appt tmr
w and i’m supposed to avoid blood thinners. rude.

@bee "it's fine, actually, they can do what they want," I say as I write their names on a paper that I later set on fire

r/relationships: i'm afraid my latinx friends want to human sacrifice me. what's the non-racist way to ask

they probably don't make this transparent for riders because megacorp but here's a breakdown of a standard rate a driver is actually making

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i spent more than 5 seconds on this which means i'm contractually obligated to show it off

everyone moved to monads and then failed to follow me so i could follow them back and i’m only a lil hurt

nothin like hearing your gecko croak at you bcs you were tossing and turning in bed LMAO

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