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wait we were doing β€œwhat animated character am i?” posts?????? hello pls give me attention & assign me a character arbitrarily

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@bee damn, hate it when an adult thinks it's OK to discuss sexuality with children just because they're *checks notes* a sex ed teacher

if people are still protesting peacefully and no one's paying attention, whereas when people were rioting and destroying shit the whole world was watching and people got massive concessions, you should maybe take that as a ringing endorsement of rioting as a tactic

Y'know what sucks?

The BLM protests are still happening with less media attention.

The Portland police are rioting and it's not being reported by media at large as people are being assaulted in the streets.

Another Black trans girl, Brayla Stone, was murdered in Little Rock, AR and she's being misgendered in the news while her alleged killer is bragging about making a 5K hit.

my gender is annoying cis people by being better than them at all genders

identity is a weapon. make sure it's aimed at the enemy

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names and identities are useful, but in clinging to them as if they were goals and not tools, you're just entangling yourself further in the structures of oppression they're meant to make visible

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and this isn't just about gender or sexuality, it's also about class, race, and abledness. they're all intertwined, both historically and currently. it's possible for white, middle class queers to buy themselves into a position where they're not at least called slurs to their face, but that's fragile and it's complicity. you fundamentally can't address queerness without also addressing all the other things. the struggle is not isolated: we're all liberated, or none of us are

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you're not the source of your own suffering β€” there's no set of internal switches to flip that can make it go away. it's the machinery of repression around you that causes it; and if you can carve yourself a space where you can feel comfortable with who you are even if only some of the time, that's good, but outside that temporary non-heteronormative zone it's demiurge rules: the world exists for your pain

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i don't just mean medicalists and gatekeepers, but also the culture of validity and the constant relitigation of identities. you can't reason yourself into a peace treaty with systematic oppression, and the idea you should try is just your internal cop speaking. there's this wish for normalcy i see lot of queer people (i think especially white ones, but that's another topic) express and like, the normal exists to put you in pain. you can't assimilate into it, not w/o becoming your own torturer

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there's no equilibrium state between queerness and cishetness. there's no set of 'real' genders or sexualities that could exist as stable counterpoints to the normative, heterosexual binary. queerness is a state of difference from the norm, and the norm exists thru and for the repression of everyone who falls outside it

liberals are the dogs of politics as in they look at your finger instead of where you're pointing

context to ppl who don’t know what i do lmao 

i should add context for folks who are worried. i work with public schools to teach health education to 5th-12th graders. i teach a curriculum that’s previewed & ok’d parents & school admin. we cover consent, human trafficking, anatomy, gender & sexuality, STIs, relationships, birth control, communication, & more. def an anarchist abolitionist, def not a sexual predator. i do report csa to cps fairly often tho, as i’m a mandated reporter.

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block recommendation, an idiot in my dms 

lmaoing at this fool

love that they’re on switter, it kinda ads to the tomfoolery.

they also reported me which is officially the first report, a tru milestone for my instance. 😚

Toots should have marginalia. For every ten-post thread about politics I make, I should have the option to have crudely drawn people boinking on the side

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