people affected by covid weeks after their initial infection have created a slack to discuss their experiences 

@jorgee @MissAkira I have lots of resources on nonbinary/trans inclusivity and affirmation! It’s late here but I’m happy to compile a short list in...ten to twelve hours? If you give me an @ as a reminder then I’m happy to help.

cops / fascists 

as of yesterday the LAPD had a site up that described their badges that seems a little bit ... i mean overtly fascist

cool thing abt mastodon is when i login to angry drunk post about capitalism it fits right in to the TL

imagining back in the day henry ford had a bunch of weirdo defenders the same way elon musk does

capitalism has destroyed the capacity for community-building among working class people and replaced it with loyalty to companies. when we say fuck work it’s not because we don’t like contributing to something greater, it’s because we’re fucking angry that capitalism steals our labor, treats us like capital stock, and keeps us so tired and on edge that we lose our capacity for compassion.

so yeah. fuck work.

okay, time for another break! whew! 🍒

thank you to y’all donating to my venmo (@/juicebat), i’ll be finding out if i lose my job and health insurance on wednesday so i’m pretty stressed about money at the moment & every bit helps!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: How to be more assertive with boundaries and needs? 

Practice makes....better than it was before!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Quarantine dating? Dating apps? 

Ah, tinder, where our hopes go to die.

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🍒 Anonymous Question: How to stay engaged when masturbating? 

Flying solo is great! But engaging with our bodies in the moment is a practice in mindfulness, and can be really hard (ha ha) in the moment!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Tips for trans and cis folks with a smaller dick? 

Such a great question! I’m biased answering this question- small dicks are my favorite dicks. 🥳

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🍒 Anonymous Question: How do I get started in kink? 

Honestly if there’s not a kink instance yet then there should be... kinksters would love mastodon. They already really like twitter, and we’re just better twitter!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Sex Ed Book Recs? 

Here’s the link to the list I mentioned:

There are also TONS of great sex ed podcasts out there! And amazing educators doing work on instagram! Most of the educators I follow are kink, disability, or racial justice centered- if you have questions about them lemme know and I can recommend some!

My only other rec is a shoutout to Ericka Hart M.Ed. (@ ihartericka on instagram). They teach me more every day!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: How to be okay with being vulnerable with others, especially if you have trauma around vulnerability? 

Another stellar question- and the fact that you asked it proves you’re already on the right track! Recognizing our boundaries is the first step to respecting them!

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Anonymous Question 🍒: Dating while autistic? 

Okay, I’m back! I got a kitten appointment for the cutie in 30 but I’ll be answering questions for the rest of the night! Keep sending them!

This is a super valid question, especially considering COVID!

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i’m reaching capacity for right now, so i’m going to take a break! feel free to keep sending in questions, all of them will eventually be answered! 🍒

sidenote, my venmo is @ juicebat, shoot me a tip for the free labor & expertise if you have the coin!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: How can I make casual sex less awkward? 

I hear this question all the time! The messaging we get around hookup culture and how to communicate during sex is so inadequate!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Is it normal for libido to be inconsistent? 

Short answer: YES! Long answer: also yes.

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