@RussellsBarbershopQuartet bioessentialist gender reveal of internal gonads

i dont think this take is anti commie insomuch as it is was meant as an ego check for new white leftists. tbf i think the initial statement was also inclusive of less radical leftists.

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as much as i am super into the dms i’m getting of sexy Lenin/Che/Castro OT3 erotic RP prompts, i’m actually imvolved in an eRP of Luxemburg/Armand with my sweetie and we’re exclusive :’)

anyway saw a tiktok the other day where an indigenous person was talking about how the obsession with state communism is alienating to indigenous sovereignty activists and tbh when it comes to commies who live in colonized states i think land back supersedes a need for a vanguard party here. colonized nations would massively benefit from a renewed focus on indigenous independence and landback movements.

@witchfynder_finder dude, i really think we’re on to something here. anarchism, but with sexy state passes

@witchfynder_finder anarchism works better when it takes into account that both castro and lenin were objectively pretty hot and thus exempt from the “states bad” thing

this post also would have gotten my IP banned from twitter, i’m pretty sure

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@CornishRepublicanArmy it’s okay, i’m white and too disabled to feel comfortable owning a firearm, i think they’ll probably give me a pass

@bee I mean I think it's very obvious you were talking about in minecraft

lucy is the only person to fave or boost this so far and that’s how i know i struck gold

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okay but this is the post that really gets me on the watchlist lmfaooooo

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*thinking about ways to solve capitalism* y’know, farmers markets and city elections are super great. *thinking a little harder* fascism sure does love to assassinate unionizers though *thonk* the trots were right, maybe if kaczynski woulda had a lil more firepower we coulda really made something happen there

@CornishRepublicanArmy hm so maybe the bolsheviks just needed more capability to kill maybe

@Manurweibling okay so now i’m just trying to figure out where the split happened where the council commies split from tankies

@CornishRepublicanArmy so the issue is you need a vanguard party to protect internal decentralization from external capitalists

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