spoilers for season 2 of what we do in the shadows 

why are the mosquito hunters actually vampire hunters

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no bcs i have never felt so seen as i have while watching guillermo from what we do in the shadows

am i dreaming (montero track 15) 

here it is: the final track.

wow, we are at a sadder spot than i thought we would be, at least at the start of this song. miley sounds good on this, despite how much i dislike her. :-/

shit. sad fucking end. cliffhanger too. i’m surprisingly…. this album doesn’t feel like a full story, tbh. how interesting. that final song feels more like an unfinished melody than a closing track. interesting.


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life after salem (montero track 14) 

oof, breakup song. abusive relationship breakup song. very sarcastic, very hurt, very angsty, again, great pop punk vibes.

8/10, teenage me would have gone wild with this one. if i have a messy breakup in the next year this is going on the angst playlist.

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don’t want it (montero track 13) 

it’s good, not my jam, but definitely had to be one “holy shit, i’m famous and wow that’s a ride” song on the album. pffpfpf


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void (montero track 12) 

awww, bby. sad boy hours.

but ugh, still gorgeous, still hopeful, still holding that energy of growth and survival and uplifting energy.

if i’d listened to music like this as a teenager…. :’) just so hopeful. love it.


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sun goes down (montero track 11) 

when i first heard this song i got so excited for the full album, for the vulnerability and the sweet, hopeful energy that montero brings. it’s so hard to not feel proud of him and how much he’s clearly worked to develop his self-confidence. this is such a delightful anthem for young queer folks, esp young queer folks of color. again, just so happy i get to be alive to see montero thrive. 🥲💓


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tales of dominica (montero track 10) 


yesssssss this is what i was asking for. full, open, and raw nas, sick background beat, with amazing vocals… god it’s just delightful. probably my favorite so far other than dead right now.


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dolla sign slime ft megan thee stallion (montero track 9) 

classic and yet reenvisioned banger, the trumpets are so classic nas and keep this track unique

megan’s giggle was so cute. her verse was obvs sick as always, and overall it was cute but not quite as… kickass as i hoped?


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lost in the citadel (montero track 8) 

fuck, genre-bending motherfucker. casual pop punk song mid-album????? god i love this man.

great stuff. sweet, gay, deeply 00s. haley williams could have coproduced this, it’s got 00s paramore all over it.

7/10 super cute. not my thing, but so cute.

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one of me ft elton john (montero track 7) 

this is a beautiful song. the piano really pulls out the “angelic” vibes from this album, and maintains a deeply… hm, vulnerable? soft? vibe. i think this song is supposed to be in the voice of folks around montero, constantly criticizing/critiquing/instructing. it’s great to see sir elton, one of the OG “fuck you i’m gay” performers support and usher in the new generation. 9/10 lovely.

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scoop (montero track 6) 

classic 2020s banger. skrrrt. scoop. skrrrt. scoop.

doja sounds great as always. this one is probably gonna chart, feels like.

6/10, i’ve heard its ilk before but will still happily put it in my night drive playlist. 💅

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the art of realization (montero track 5) 

we love a spoken interlude.

not gonna rate it, but super clean transition into the next song. psyched.

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that’s what i want (montero track 4) 

love this, particularly thinking about how much i adore hearing a Black gay man sing about wanting love with other Black/dark-skinned men. one of the critiques i’ve heard re: tyler the creator, steve lacy, and frank oceans’ love songs from within the Black queer community is lovesongs are often explicitly about nb men.

it’s also gr8 to hear a song about longing and yearning and love for gay men. manyyy exist for q women, but fewer for gay men.

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industry baby (montero track 3) 

i think @bees called me out for listening to this on repeat for like 48hrs straight lmfao

it’s everything, the music video is everything, it’s delightful and delicious and pure montero supremacy vibes. god i love him.

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dead right now (montero track 2) 

getting deep here, really love the way the chorus and the most “manicured” part of the song is also in the voice of the people who are clamoring for a piece of the lil nas fame & fortune, and then montero sings alone when discussing his relationship with his family and fame/struggle solid 8/10

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montero (call me by your name) 

a banger, incredible, delightful, wonderful.

i’ve already sang its praises. 10/10. cultural shift.

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okay belated by a little but!!!!!

gonna livetweet listening to montero bcs 99% of my energy is going towards loving lil nas x

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