selfie eye contact 

@pagrus coffee always tastes best in that square. :chefkiss:

@bee guy who loves wrestling and has never done a sex: Woah kink has heels in it? that's badass

@bees italy is to the world as fetish heels are to sex

@bee sometimes a metaphor is poetic and gets to the heart and essence of what something is and lays bare its soul to the reader, and sometimes it just compares physical similarities and that's not wrong

@req @bee grabs megaphone REQ IS THE FISTER OF MONADS ONLINE

@bees this is wrong but i love that you said it with your chest

@req too late, you’re blacklisted from the Cool Kid Club

@maki @req he told me it’s best to use powdered silicone lube, it’s much more cost effective. that’s not nothing!!

@req wow we got a fisting hater over here?? bold…..

@req okay but this is also 100% the hand symbol one makes when about to fist someone

i got a phone interview at 1:00p so u dinks better wish me good luck

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