as of june, i have had 2 catalytic converters stolen, two cars totaled (one due to a hit-and-run, another due to the fact that it is impossible to get said catalytic converters) and just got my second rental car’s back window smashed…. there was nothing in the rental car.

all the while i have literally just been going to work everyday. 100% of these things have happened while going to, returning from, the clinic.

not to be an asshole, but i feel like my karma should be better than this.

this was lizzy on tuesday, imho that’s the face on a lady who’s ready to go :blobcat3c:

i pretend to eat my child’s feet; making large smacking noises as seem to gnaw on her toes. she looks at me in abject horror; unable to speak. she has no object permanence: in that moment her feet have been lost to the the gaping maw. i retract, revealing her unharmed digits. she visibly relaxes, before i begin to descend upon them again. “i’m going to get you!” i murmur, a wicked smile on my face. she flinches as i begin making crunching noises once more.

cw: graphic imagery

can’t find a good pic of argentine tegu’s shedding their skin so here is a leopard gecko shedding instead.

my back is shedding like a leopard gecko who has poor husbandry.

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4th session of my backpiece down, one more to go!! :yell2:

cw: naked back & booty!

so…. i know that this is sad

(cw: food pic)

but my job gave us breakfast and i am literally on cloud 9 eating this pineapple LMFAO

wow, he made a song about his trans uncle too; “auntie diaries”.


i love it.

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cute nude in the bath 

midmorning wfh luxuries ☕️

good morning from ur fave peer recovery support counselor :ht:

progress pic of the incense holder i’m making my sister for her bday in may :blobcatlove:

did i forget to send pics? yes, yes i did. did i take a video instead? also yes.

enjoy my new tattoo inspired by my favorite movie of all time, nausicaä of the valley of the wind. :chefkiss:

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Hi y’all, my dear friend Grace is running a study of nonbinary adults who are not currently receiving vocal training. There’s no compensation for the 5 min survey, but Grace is a fantastic person doing a lot of work for trans folks in the speech pathology field, and your participation would be amazing!

If you have a few spare moments, identify outside the gender binary, and are not currently receiving vocal training, please fill out the survey here:

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