new @extinct avatar!!!!! :blobmelt: (ec)

y'know if u don't have an extinct av u can always correct that issue :blobcatcoffee:

well holy shit y’all, i just got my first dose of my covid-19 vaccine!

for those worried, it hurt less than a flu jab! please, if you have the opportunity, take the vaccine. it’s safe as hell and is going to help keep you and your community safer!

(ec, photo of person getting a shot)

hrt thingsss 

well i’m now 16 weeks on t and my belly hair is growing in so well !!!! i’m so in love with it eeee (pic of noah’s cute lil tummy hair in img)

condensed intro, cw for slurs and nsfw 

should i reintroduce myself?

hi i’m noah i like body mod history, reptiles, leather, and coochie. i work with youth as a sex educator. i have big tattoos, a lot of piercings, and a fat ass. you may know me from my tryhard PSAs or my juicy thick voluptuous nudes. i’m an addict, disabled, neurodivergent, a trans faggy dyke, and a yiddish speaking-ashki.

baby’s SECOND stick n poke!!

just finished this one, and this one i was trying to improve on thin line detail! i’m still not good at solid lines, so this will get a second pass in a few weeks, but my control of the needle is much better, and i tried out some shading! this was a 7rl/3rs project, and i think it looks pretty decent!

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medssss for mental illness 

the “picking up a controlled substance to treat my debilitating mental illness” fit! 💛

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first pass at my first stick n poke! used 9rls and empire ink, gonna do some stipple shading next!

oh yeah!!! i forgot to post my impulse finger tatts from last night!

feast ur eyes

this is what happens when you deliberately try to get a non-white waifu. it literally breaks it. lmfao. (ec)

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