i made a good tiktok, y’all are welcome to enjoy it 🥳 (warning for ec & terf dogwhistles)


ummmm so i started experimenting with infusing my gin with herbs and....

this rosemary/lavender/elderberry infused gin with tonic water is....so good.

(nobody panic, i mixed it before i drank it.)

✨my incredibly queer outfit today (ec/reclaimed slurs) 

did you know that i am a massive dyke and also a huge fag at the same time? truly a magical feat ✨

(yes, that is a shirt w a photo of keith haring being arrested on it, ur seeing that correctly)

kinky candle wax 💖 (no nudity) 

was feeling really overstimulated today, so decided to engage in some sensation play to bring me back into my body.

the aftermath: a very calm and happy bee ✨

shoutout to my fave @extinct for my updated avatar with less tiddy and more curls 🌟🌟🌟

get in line for their commissions while you can!!! i’ve never been anything but jazzed with their work!! 🖤🖤🖤

taco soup recipe 

and taco soup has won!! woo!!

for those interested, here’s the recipe!
this was what my mom made when we didn’t have money for groceries and needed to feed four people! it’s cheap and delicious!

2 cans of black beans (strained)
30oz water
1 can corn (strained)
1 tablespoon chicken bouillon
1/2 a container of Pace salsa (or other red salsa)
as many tortilla chips and cheese as you want (added after cooking!)

feeds 2, scale up as you will!

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fuck quarantine has really made me a much meaner person to play games with

shoutout to the very cool jew who translated assata shakur’s poetry into yiddish. its a good vibe.

🍒 Anonymous Question: Advice for overcoming anxiety around sex for someone with little sexual experience? 

You’re the only person living your life, and there’s no such thing as running late. Take your time! ❤️

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Loud sex, thin walls? 

Most people fuck, and some of us are noisier than others! What happens, happens, and try to be considerate and plan ahead!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Favorite porn that you’ve seen lately? 

You’re getting some serious no-holds-barred exclusive shit here, but....

I’m a huge slut for power dynamics and people being “helplessly aroused and overwhelmed” and being taken care of.

I’m more big on reading my porn than watching it, because I get xtremely eeked out by the chance of people being harmed, but I LOVE erotic comics and stories! I’m a huge perv!

Example: this delightful luis4land comic below. 🤤 (CW: choking)

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Do you have any thoughts on cybering? 


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🍒 Anonymous Question: How do you communicate during sex without killing the mood? 

I’d argue communicating is what MAKES the mood in bed! 🤤❤️

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🍒 Anonymous Question: Do I have an onlyfans? 

Not yet, but it’s in the works!

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🍒 Anonymous Question: How do I transition a relationship from monogamous to polyam? 

alright! back in it with another super common question! there are lots of better folks to answer this than me (folks who have been in successful poly relationships for longer) but....here’s the advice i do have!

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