oh noah appearance update for y’all, i got tattooed by a hot trans apprentice on monday and shaved my head again.

wordle answer!!!! 

@bees ayo wtf is this game you’ve been talking about, huh? i just downloaded it and it’s already calling me names

I’m quitting my hellish job today, after repeatedly filing HR complaints and dealing with severe health issues from the stress. I don’t have a job lined up, but I have savings to last me until March while I search for work.

If you have any interest in supporting me in the meantime, I’m happy to provide nudes for $20/pop, or digital portraits like this img for $40/ea.

venmo: @ juicebat
pls just use animal emojis for payment notes, dm me on here for your donation rewards (if you want them)!

Who are you caring for? Who is checking up on you? Who is your solace, who comes to you when they need support?

The relationships we build now are what will keep us alive in the years to come. The love, the care, the empathy, the resilience that comes from community is paramount.

We have to unlearn individualism to survive collective tragedy.

about to quit my day job to become a full time Content Creator 😮‍💨💅

i’m down so fucking hard. and just hard. i would do anything for him. :slimebounce:

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still a while away from stealing the crown of best facial-hair-haver from my zayde. gettin there tho!!!

i fell in love with my double chin when i realized it was my zayde’s. 🥲

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the first part of my backpiece is complete!

more to follow after our next session in december. 🤍

cw: nonsexual nudity

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we’re currently on day two of my backpiece!! we’re doing the flowers on my ass today, we didn’t quite get to them yesterday 😮‍💨 this pic was taken yesterday after we finished! ass flower pics will come after today 😈

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cw: noah’s naked ass (not sexual, ey’re just getting a tattoo!) 

if you’re wearing socks, does it still count as a nude? 🤫

(first session on my backpiece, three years in the making 🤍)

started drawing as a joke but i don’t think it’s a joke anymore…

the most validating thing i’ve seen in the few days was a tiktok of a middle aged punk in a forest who looked like he’d been crying who said “don’t get it twisted, this is the biggest mental health crisis of our lifetimes and everyone is doing really fucking bad rn. so if you’re on the edge and you’re just feeling like shit give yourself a fucking pat on the back because it’s impressive as fuck that you’re alive right now.”

i’m fucking proud of myself and i’m proud of you, too.

last brag of the night: met up with some kink friends i hadn’t seen since march 2020, one of whom invited me to a discord for kinky trans ppl in our area, and upon joining the founder of the group @‘d me in the general channel and said this:

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