cw: drugs pictured, plz assist me in identifying the ppl in this weird meme thanks 

fedi i need ur help plz name the two ppl i don’t know in this image, bonus if u tell me why they’re on this list:

i know zizek, sasha grey, and the unabomber.

also enjoy the memes i guess

ec, white masculine person within, proceed with caution (it’s a selfie) 

have i, six months into my medical transition, finally become enough of a mediocre white man that ppl will thirst for me for giving the absolute minimum? y’all.... this is bigotry in action. just say no.

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my ego is always absolutely fucking unhinged after a new tattoo ✋😩

anyway i look hot and sexy plz enjoy my lil butch ass on this lovely morning.

she says how about april 1st?

i say hey sure thing, i’m down for whenever, look forward to meeting you.

so i’m kinda hyped to either a) get some sick acupuncture from the head honcho or b) absolutely scare the shit out of this poor old lady with how much metal is in my ears.

either way it’s gonna be a fun way to start of april fools!!!

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really trying to speedrun being called a slur today 💕

(the new lil nas song inspired me to maximize my f*ggotry) (ec)

noah’s going on a date!!!

noah is 10 minutes early and waiting in their car because!!! anxious gay!!!! (ec)

noah’s stick n poke adventures! 

i am still learning how to tattoo! i took my blood/pathogen safety training a while ago but i took another course as a refresher and then did my 1st tattoo on another person last week!

my friend karina got the ACAB under a preexisting strawberry, and 2nite i finished the 1st half of a bert grimm heart on my thigh! in a few weeks i’ll be making the outline a lot thicker and more even and fixing the black fill on the tears and mouth. 😛

you know that vibe when your grandparents take you coming out better than your parents?!??!??!

based grandma....... :blobcataww:

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i also got a new piercing a while ago and took some cute updated pics of my ear setup, and got sent some free swag from the cute local jewelry company who made most of the jewelry in my collection ✨

(i think i’m up to 23 or 24 piercings, not counting the three i’ve retired)

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oh yeah so yatty update for the ppl who follow me bcs of my ink....

two new tattoos since the start of february lmfao

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important news for @healyn

zanzibar by billy joel is a trending song on tiktok and there is a dance to it that ppl are doing. being a true billy joel fan of course i made a dance video for it.

😤 this one’s for the real fans only 😤

for anyone wondering what it was, it’s just a band around my arm- i’m going to make it thicker and add some embellishment on live tonight at 8pm PST if any of u weirdos want to stalk me on there! my @ is tzchotchke on TT.

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stick n poke number 3 is done!! def the “messiest” of the three, but i was trying for a more textured look. overall, a solid effort! i might add more depending on how it heals, but i’m havin fun and that’s all that matters!! 🍄

new @extinct avatar!!!!! :blobmelt: (ec)

y'know if u don't have an extinct av u can always correct that issue :blobcatcoffee:

well holy shit y’all, i just got my first dose of my covid-19 vaccine!

for those worried, it hurt less than a flu jab! please, if you have the opportunity, take the vaccine. it’s safe as hell and is going to help keep you and your community safer!

(ec, photo of person getting a shot)

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