one of my fave coworkers had their last day on friday and told me in a note that they “hope to be as self-assured as me” and man oh man, what an illusion.

i’ve been feeling super icky about my body lately due to stress abt acne and stress about my shape and ugh. had a super thorough shower just now where i had massive ick and scrubbed the shit out of myself bcs i just felt wrong in my skin.

i don’t know if anyone’s as self-assured as we perceive them.


anyway i’ve had 2 catalytic converters stolen this month and am also stressed as FUCK about money so that’s definitely contributed to feeling as blegh as i have been. i hope i wake up tomorrow morning and have the energy to vacuum and do laundry, chores always help me feel less icky. :coolcrying:



just feeling GREASY and YUCK about myself and it sucks!!!! where is my god complex and when will it kick in 🥲🥲🥲

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