i am shedding skin like a fucking tegu


can’t find a good pic of argentine tegu’s shedding their skin so here is a leopard gecko shedding instead.

my back is shedding like a leopard gecko who has poor husbandry.

gross skin shed tmi 

when i untucked my shirt a shower of skin flake confetti drifted to the floor. currently shamefully sweeping it up and putting my black tattoo skin flakes in the trash.

gross skin shed tmi 

cannot emphasize enough how much worse its gotten as the day has progressed lmfao i’m scared for when i next have to untuck. :blobcatfearful:

gross skin shed tmi 

@bee oh geez is that a common thing that happens after tattoos?

@thatchers_piss_slut yes! every tattoo peels during the “dry heal” process, it’s super normal. its most noticeable for tattoos that have a lot of saturation, like full color or blackwork tattoos, as there’s more coverage of the ink and bigger flakes that will flake off, haha. usually a couple days of shedding like a bad sunburn and then it’s all good.

@bee oh okay very interesting! i will be on the lookout for that tomorrow when i am getting my tattoo aa thank you

@thatchers_piss_slut peeling probably won’t start until days 2-4 and you can skip the peeling phase if you use saniderm or another dermal film for healing. but just listen to your artist! they’ll tell u how to care for it. :)

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