4th session of my backpiece down, one more to go!! :yell2:

cw: naked back & booty!

@bee intense !!! did the solid black all just go in?

@bee your body’s like “excuse me????” 💜💜💜 speedy healing ! saniderm extravaganza

@mood tragically i’m allergic to the adhesives used in most saniderm-esque products :oh_no: but healing the good old fashion way still works! i’m wfh today so i’m just laying on my tummy naked letting things get some air time :blobcatfearful:

@mood i’m a religious lotion-only aftercare person! my skin is very sensitive so i stick to lubriderm and cetaphil for any of my moisturizing needs; ora’s has tea tree oil which would probably burn me if i tried to use it on a fresh tattoo :coolcrying: i’ve also gotten in trouble for over-moisturizing before so i’m extreeeemely conservative with it now during the healing process. solid black in particular seems to leak enough plasma to prevent scabbing for a while, at least for me.

@bee that’s so true about the black. my sections always got the most perfect layer of scab. (and i also have gotten in trouble for over-moisturizing 😅 we just want to do a really really good job ok)

@bee (is the “not a scab” scab called something? you know what i mean?)


@mood i think it actually is a scab, basically, bcs it’s still white blood cells clotting up an injury. :BlobhajShock: it’s just…. a nice lil inky scab?

@bee “the most expensive premium high quality scab i ever had”

possible ick: shows the semi-gross reality of healing tattoos, aka a developing scab 

@mood this is a seriously premium scab :chefkiss:

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