4th session of my backpiece down, one more to go!! :yell2:

cw: naked back & booty!

the funniest part of this process has been that every time i finished a session and shared pics someone would say “omg congrats on being finished!”

there are even like 3 ppl that have told me that more than once! but nobody who’s a tattooer or in the scene has said it; i think that pinterest has convinced ppl that linework alone is a finished piece and i’m just here to advocate for shading and fill. tattoos are better with shading. plz believe me.

never 2 late to go finish a tattoo either. no shame. go get that 2nd session, ur skin deserves it.

@bee fffffffffff everyone around me has cool tats and I just don't know if I'm brave enough

but daaaaamn this is gorgeous and inspiring :moomin_sparkles:

@bouncinglime work your way up with little ones first! no need to jump straight into the 30+ hour backpieces, haha

@bee intense !!! did the solid black all just go in?

@bee your body’s like “excuse me????” 💜💜💜 speedy healing ! saniderm extravaganza

@mood tragically i’m allergic to the adhesives used in most saniderm-esque products :oh_no: but healing the good old fashion way still works! i’m wfh today so i’m just laying on my tummy naked letting things get some air time :blobcatfearful:

@mood i’m a religious lotion-only aftercare person! my skin is very sensitive so i stick to lubriderm and cetaphil for any of my moisturizing needs; ora’s has tea tree oil which would probably burn me if i tried to use it on a fresh tattoo :coolcrying: i’ve also gotten in trouble for over-moisturizing before so i’m extreeeemely conservative with it now during the healing process. solid black in particular seems to leak enough plasma to prevent scabbing for a while, at least for me.

@bee that’s so true about the black. my sections always got the most perfect layer of scab. (and i also have gotten in trouble for over-moisturizing 😅 we just want to do a really really good job ok)

@bee (is the “not a scab” scab called something? you know what i mean?)

@mood i think it actually is a scab, basically, bcs it’s still white blood cells clotting up an injury. :BlobhajShock: it’s just…. a nice lil inky scab?

@bee “the most expensive premium high quality scab i ever had”

possible ick: shows the semi-gross reality of healing tattoos, aka a developing scab 

@mood this is a seriously premium scab :chefkiss:

@pagrus @mood just one day hah, back to regular work tomorrow 😮‍💨

@bee @mood Oh a holiday is what my old roommate tattoo artist called the spot where the ink fell out, I don't know if that's an industry term or just something he came up with

@pagrus @mood oh i think i’ve heard that before! hopefully not too much of one, it sucked enough the first go around :blobcatfearful:

@bee @mood Seriously, he did a largeish patch on my leg and filling in the patchy spots was way worse than doing it initally

@bee @mood He was pretty new at that point though, I imagine your artist has better technique

@mood lmfaooooo i know i’ve literally had my artists tell me i’m over-watering myself looool i just want to heal extra extra good!!!! pff

@bee I'm half Ashkenazi on both sides of my family. I was raised Christian. My mom's family were DEEPLY assimilated German Jews and my dad BRIEFLY went to Hebrew school as a kid but was never raised Jewish. You bring up being Jewish at family events and you get nervous laughter. Even though my dad is a dead ringer for old Jeff Goldblum.

@bradysflungtablet ah, I guess I don’t understand how that relates to this pic.

@bee Well, I just read your bio. I tend to identify with Jewishness as an ethnicity after the way my family ran away from it.

@bee even a simple black and grey looks amazing compared to just lineart. i think there are some cases where a lineart tattoo is fine enough but it depends mostly on art style. aside from tiny quarter sized flash pieces i can’t think of a reason to not get black and grey at the very least

@bee i don’t mean “at the very least” as in its lesser than color tho, to clarify lol

@shade haha no totally. but again! i feel like the artist brain naturally views just lineart as “unfinished” but there’s been this minimalism/pinterest movement that’s pushed no shading or fill as stylish.

@bee holy shit this is amazing and also making my back itch just looking at it rip

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