cw: discussion of the shoah, antisemitism 

saw a tiktok about how anti-vaxxers are comparing being reported to the fbi for showing off fake vax cards online with being “anne frank” and “a jew during the holocaust” and i’m literally sick to my stomach.

sometimes i think about how i really want to attend temple and wear kippot. and then i think about how fucking insane people are and i change my mind. antisemites are fucking terrifying.

cw: discussion of the shoah, antisemitism 

the last 2 people i dated both didn’t have any jewish friends or family before meeting me and both of them said some seriously wack shit in retrospect, and it opened my eyes to how insulated i’ve been for most of my adult life by having jewish friends. like, there are so many folks who don’t know any jewish people and will casually repeat insane shit.

this is obvs not news to any visibly marginalized person, but wow, it’s gotten worse during quarantine.

i’ve already heard too much casual transphobic shit to be comfortable dating cis people, but i’m starting to wonder if i’m comfortable dating a goy, which is fucking wild and not something i /ever/ thought i would say, ever.

i take this back: i am more cautious about dating folks who are unfamiliar with judaism, not goyim as a whole. i just don’t want to be someone’s first jewish person again. 😅


it’s just been very weird to me how often it’s slipped into conversation after knowing someone for a *while*. i’m very vocally and visibly jewish in my day to day– it’s very easy to just avoid me if you don’t like jewish people. there are more fish in the sea. 🥲

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