cw: discussion of the shoah, antisemitism 

saw a tiktok about how anti-vaxxers are comparing being reported to the fbi for showing off fake vax cards online with being “anne frank” and “a jew during the holocaust” and i’m literally sick to my stomach.

sometimes i think about how i really want to attend temple and wear kippot. and then i think about how fucking insane people are and i change my mind. antisemites are fucking terrifying.

cw: discussion of the shoah, antisemitism 


some of them at protests are wearing gold stars and I become murderous


cw: antisemitism, fears of antisemitic violence 

@SeanAloysiusOBrien it’s such a fucking insane about-face. and it’s SO loud and overt. i get this nauseous, shaky anxiety when i see new news about it. call it the ancestral 6th sense but i feel like we’re going to see a mob mentality violence in the coming years.

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