if u don’t love me at my ‘hyperfixated on a virtual pet collecting game’ then you don’t deserve me at my ‘raunchy thirst traps and large collection of kink paraphernalia’


yes, i love neopets, yes, i fuck

jk i’m actually deeply invested in the OTHER pixelated dragon game rn, but neopets gets a shouout cuz that’s the og shit

trying this new thing where i’m shameless and noisy about my autistic hyperfixations, so far all i’m discovering is that i have 0 interest in spending personal time with neurotypicals ever

@bee my mom didn't listen to me and actively ignored me/changed the subject when I'd talk about my hyperfixations or show her something, and now it's y'alls problem >:3

@smelley these NTs dont deserve ur infodumps, give them to us

@bee *whispering sensually* the first known depiction of juggling in art or photo is in ancient Egyptian hieroglyph

@bee as a person who celebrates juggling and practices it as a sport and art form, I love knowing things like this and seeing it. I wanna learn how to photograph motion better so that I can do some juggling photoshoots

@bee I also wanna photograph some basebaw games 👶

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