flashing back to when i was teaching a middle school class and they gave me a thank you card on my last day and they had all written little notes for me and as i was reading them i said “this is so gross” as a term of endearment and they all looked at me horrified and i had to explain i meant gross in a cute way

i cannot begin to explain to y’all how fucking fun i am as a teacher. my classes whip ass and my students always laughed at my jokes. pity i got laid off and am now a data entry nerd.

there were many times in my classes where a student would raise their hand to ask something ~saucy~ on the first couple days and would all start screaming in excitement when i gave them a serious answer to something like “do people actually eat eachother’s butts”

my favorite kiddos were always the edgy kiddos because all it takes it repeating (1) naughty word in front of the class and they are suddenly the most devoted kids in class. when i would say something like “blowjob” they would go from cracking jokes to being 50000% invested in learning how to store condoms properly. i love kiddos so much.


have you ever seen a classroom of 13 year olds sit on the edge of their seats waiting to see if they all guessed correctly what types of contact can transmit HIV? you ever seen a 16yo boy correct his friends as they put condoms onto wooden demonstrators? there is nothing more excellent in this world than leaving a classroom after two weeks with a group of kiddos and telling them, “if you only take one thing from this class, know this: you deserve to feel safe and comfortable in your body”.

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