i enjoy specifying who i hate by referencing testosterone in their bodies, because i am bigoted against cis men, cis women, trans men, and trans women and nonbinary people not on spiro. the only valid people are spiro-takers. this is feminism.

transphobia, transmedicalism, sarcasm 

people who take or produce testosterone as their primary sex hormone are more violent and aggressive, i believe this because i am a feminist and truscum truther!! anyway did you hear that lesbians are going extinct?

transphobia, transmedicalism, sarcasm 

@bee this line of thinking literally lets violent men off the hook because hey, they just can't help it, its just what T makes you do. i hate it so much.

@georgespolitzer i can confirm that i getting bacne and belly hair from t came with becoming a violent misogynist, so maybe they have a point

@bee I'm sorry, I tried to Google it first but it just gave me results about kidney disease? what is Spiro?? Is it an anti testosterone drug or something?

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