unless your image is incredibly text heavy, you should be able to provide captions. in the case of your image being extremely text heavy, tag @OCRbot to create captions.

as a disabled person who struggles with spoons i understand the adjustment is tough, but captioning is a skill we should all be working towards competency at.

there are obv exceptions to every rule, but try to examine if you truly do not have the ability to be accessible, or if you are choosing to prioritize your comfort.


this is a call in, not a call out- folks who are new to fedi: moving from platforms like instagram that do not prioritize accessibility to this platform requires some serious unlearning around convenience and comfort.

it may not be as easy or comfortable to post images or posts here as it is on corporate media, but this is a space where accessibility is prioritized.

take the time to learn how to cw and caption. it’s a valuable skill and a valuable practice in mindfulness.

@makegodgayagain@kolektiva.social also brings up an important point which is that policing folks in what they CW or caption isn’t productive.

there have been many discussions in this space before about tagging politics/death/police violence and every person has the right to self-determine what feels right for them and their comfort. generally it’s not a good idea to step into people’s mentions (PARTICULARLY BIPOC people’s mentions) and ask them to cw or caption their content. muting/filtering is free. (c)

the exceptions to this are that some things are generally accepted to be universally cwed. on most instances there are rules against posting un-CWed nudity, gore, and some instances have more specific rules.

what i am asking in this thread is for you to self-regulate and take responsibility for the content you put out. if you’re posting something that you think might negatively impact the community, put a cw on that shit. caption your images.

but keep your eyes on your own plate.

like all things, there’s a duality here. when i first joined fedi in 2018 i remember being super disoriented at first, and it’s normal to have an adjustment period with a new community!

the important thing is to move through this space, like any other, with good faith. in time you’ll realize that even those of us who have been here for years are still learning and building this community together. we’ve all fucked up and we all WILL fuck up, and then our friends call us in, and we do better. 🤍

@bee do you know of any resources you could point folks towards who might be new to the nuances of this kinda thing? ive seen a lot of people with questions about best practices, and i have a few myself

@angstyhonking i have two pinned posts on my profile that cover the basics! i can take some time tomorrow to make a more comprehensive thread if folks think it would be helpful!

@bee this is very well worded and encompasses all my thoughts as a new user thank you for writing

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