ok fedi help me test a theory:

if you are from a country other than the US, were you ever told not to swim immediately after eating? i also added poll options for the americans bcs we don’t handle being excluded well lmfao.

@bee it was something about cramps or sth akin i think

@bee I’m from Canada and I was expressly told this was a myth (cuz it is)

@bee there was that whole bit in a series of unfortunate events!

@bee Seems like it's a global thing judging from this poll

@bee my fam firmly lived by the no swim after eating rule so my siblings and i all started refusing to eat lunch if we were swimming so we wouldn’t have to stop for an extra 20 minutes

@bee was told this/had it enforced growing up in Melbourne, Australia

@bee Thanks for including US... not so much because I don't want to be excluded from the poll, but because I want to be able to see the results.

@bee canadian, not sure if i picked this up from american tv

definitely been told not to run right after eating though

@bee Hydrocution. It's not related to eating, but to the sun and temperature. It's a classic confusion between correlation and causation: the sun is high in the sky and the temperature is at its peak if you go swimming at noon... right after lunch.

@bee I wasn't entirely sure how to answer this. My mom and grand parents never told me this, but I was often swimming with friends who were shocked when I ate and jumped straight in the pool -- or even ate in the pool. I think one of them must have told me not to do it as some point.

I answered "yes" and I'm not in America for reference.

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