i love having a small brain, i have just two thoughts at any given momemt:
-anarchocommunism good
-mmm s oft

@bee noah I;ve been reading T.A.Z. the temporary autonomous zone, ontological anarchism, poetic terrorism by hakim bey and it;s so good omg, some of it is a bit 😬 but all of it is either really inspiring or has challenged me to challenge things about myself i otheriwse haven;t thoguth about

@bees its wild how easy it feels to think about philosophy and ethics when ur core values are: the only function of organization should be to support the wellbeing of all

@bee how are you so moral and wellspoken and caring and ALSO incredibly hot?????

@bees best guess? mm i eat a lot of fermented things. home pickling puts a lot of things into perspective.

@bee damn must be time to ferment my own toes then huh

@bees it can’t hurt!! leave ur big toe for balance tho

@bees @bee never underestimate julles' ability to turn a compliment ey pay you, into a discussion of er own toes.

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