mh neg 

havin a rough one :( gonna eat food and drink some ginger ale and watch something soothing. executive functioning let’s do it!


rerouting bad feels into better feels 

so grateful for the work i’ve done to make my executive functioning better.

today, i had a bad night of sleep, felt kinda nauseous, then found a mess i had to clean, realized my tattoo isn’t healing as well as i’d hoped, and read a message from my ob/gyn that misgendered me.

in the past this would have catapulted me into a Bad Day and i felt the urge to have a meltdown, but instead grabbed easy food, sugary drink, and put on calming tv to avert crisis.

rerouting bad feels into better feels 

clearly: my blood sugar was low as i forgot to eat, which made everything seem 1000000x worse, but by having the executive functioning skills to say “hey brain, you have to eat something and make your environment more comfortable before you have a meltdown” i was able to take steps to make myself feel better in the near future. already i can feel the sugar and food affecting my mood and walking me away from the cliff of panic.

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this takes so much practice and conscious habit-forming to learn how to do, but self-soothing and creating failsafes is so essential for nurturing long-term wellbeing.

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@bee yay you! I'm glad you got to take those steps despite the difficulty
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