do het men drink lattes or is that considered a femme thing? is sweet coffee emasculating to the fragile male ego?


@bee my (bi??) dude partner's favorite drink is a huge whipped mocha so... depends?

@bee when I was working in a coffee shop a lot of guys got lattes. I don't think that many people consider it all that feminine. But I'm convinced 80% of orders from non regulars were just what they thought sounded good to order, without regard to what it is. Like half of the cappuccino I sold were just for people who wanted a latte but wanted to say cappuccino

@Timmy i was literally thinking abt cappuccinos bcs i’ve heard men order those more than if the word is more masculine? idk

@bee one of my regulars always ordered a "cappuccino, wet" with too much emphasis on the t in wet and I always wanted to tell him he can just order a latte.

I'm not sure about the masculine/feminine perception, but I think that cappuccino is perceived as fancier.

@bee firmly in the fruity cocktail category of being defined entirely by whether their masculinity is secure enough to permit the enjoyment of simple sweet things, in my experience.

@bee oh, but like cocktails can be dressed up with sufficient hipster snobbery/nerdery.

@swift @bee can I get a... Uhh... Lemon drop in a rocks glass?

@bee I think it's more of a "I'm not gonna drink that fancy foo-foo coffee" thing.

I have definitely watched het men pour like 1/4 cup of sugar and a cup of milk into their self serve 12oz coffee at the mini mart

@bee as an enby who had to kill and eat a het man from the inside out in order to exist... sweet latte is fucking amazing and I would have it all the time if I could tolerate caffiene

@bee I can't order a latte, that word sounds like lady and I'm a m- [a trap door opens and I plummet hundreds of feet]

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