SA/SH mention, sex work 

one of my loved ones who’s planning on entering the sex work industry told me something haunting today as we were talking about her prospective job:

“we already get sexually harassed and assaulted for free. why not make men pay for the privilege of doing it when i can expect it?”

that shit struck a chord for me.

re: SA/SH mention, sex work 

@bee I hope you don't mind me boosting this, I find the observations of people considering sex work/sex workers on the sexual economy (both monetized and non monetized) and how sexual violence plays into that really fascinating. I think sex workers are the people I've learned the most from about sexual decency, sexual kindness, and vice versa, what sexual violence IS

re: SA/SH mention, sex work 

@MoMartin absolutely ok to boost! i make thing followers-only if i don’t want them to be boosted :)

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