happy may day!! 🛠 remember our economy is built on the backs of women!

(not you, karen.)

thinking about colonization and capitalism and how it put power into the hands of white men and took it away from indigenous, brown, and black women. thinking about how our value is now measured by how much capital is given back to us by the corporations we make money for. thinking about how much unpaid labor i have done and will do for the rest of my life.

shit’s wild.

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@bee hear hear! Reminds me of the fact that "economy" comes from Greek oikos + nomos, the management of the home. Not of global capital, not of the state, but the home. Economists ironically ignore oikos.


This is an article on this I really appreciated,, because the writer makes the connection between women's unpaid labor and all the glue work that goes underpaid and unappreciated in engineering (much of which is done by people read as women.)

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