covid-19 is not an equal opportunity killer. black folks are being disproportionally affected and have massively higher fatality rates than other poc and white folks. why? because systemic institutionalized racism is embedded in every aspect of american culture. black folks are more likely to be essential workers in city centers, deal with housing insecurity, lack health insurance, and have conditions that have comorbidity with covid-19. this is not just a pandemic, this is a massacre.

no i will not cw this, don’t bother asking. if being reminded that black folks are being murdered by a system that views their lives as disposable bothers you, i want you to have to see this.

@bee this is a good time to mention that black people have always received the worst healthcare our system can offer. American healthcare and the people who work in it are encoded with the idea that the black community does not need or deserve the same care as everyone else, especially not white people. It's why they don't get tested for cancer as often, don't receive as much or any anesthesia for operations, and a billion other services and parts of care afforded to other patients.

@weapxnfriend @bee and the notion that when a black person has a medical issue, it's much more likely to be a moral failure on their part (because they're poor, because they make bad life choices, because they live in bad environments, etc.) than when a similar medical issue presents in a white person, so even if they have access to medical care, it's not rendered in a way that supports their identity and wellness. white bodies are used as the standard, and a black body will never meet it.

@weapxnfriend @bee health isn't just a measure of physical status, it is a culturally informed idea that makes implicit assumptions about normalcy and desirability. when black bodies are by default assumed to be substandard, how could they ever get healthcare to support their well-being? this is not new because of covid-19, but my hope is that this global health crisis will break open enough of these systems so enough people will see it and push for change.

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