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🤍⛓content warnings⛓🖤 

these are topics that should always be cw’d on this page, and i welcome corrections if i forget them:
🤍alcohol (alc) & drug mentions
🤍sexual assault (SA/SV), child sex abuse/assault (CSA), or other types of sexual violence mention
🤍any nsfw photos will be cw’d as nsfw/lewd
🤍all images will have img descriptions
🤍eye contact in photos will be cw’d
🤍serious mental or physical health (mh/ph) posts with (+/-) indicators

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🤍⛓Updated Intro⛓🖤 

🧷 hi, i’m noah, also sometimes called bee!

i’m a twenty-something transmasculine queer weirdo with too many hobbies and a bad habit of collecting mathoms and tchotchkes.

you can follow req me provided:
🖤 you interact with good faith
🤍 don’t flirt unless we’re buds
🖤 you don’t have foss in your bio
🤍 you’re not a nazi or nazi-adjacent

i encourage you to:
🔪not fucking try it with me🔪

Western leftists will criticize China, Cuba, the USSR, Vietnam etc like they have a revolution here at home to brag about.

White supremacy within veganism 

See this is why I don't believe that veganism is inherently leftist. Even when I was a vegan I didn't believe that veganism was inherently leftist. Lot of racism within veganism that's not spoken about. Also I used to always be on the outs back home with a lot of white vegans because I stuck up for indigenous people heavy.

ha ha i have discarded the foolish trappings of religion! *religious ideology reproduces itself in the secular realm* ah shit! ah fuck

i could get so in detail about how literally nothing has gone right in the move and how management and the ppl they’re delegating are all incommunicado but by the grace of g-d i’m not involved & not responsible, so i’m just hangin ten and offering my help to anyone that needs it- this is Not My Division 😂

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even more fun nonsense: i’ve now been told to go home and just wait lmfao this is such a disaster LOLOLOL

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my work is moving offices and as the PA i am the Head Bitch of coordinating shit for my manager when she’s in meetings and oh man our movers for today were supposed to show up at 10am and i’ve been sitting in the parking lot for 30mins waiting for them to show up so i can swipe them in to the building and now our facilities person is telling me they never got confirmation and the movers aren’t answering their phones 😂

bruh, sentience was a mistake

hey! white person reading this! answer this poll. mlk is watching.

i have a close friend of more than 3 years that is Black

honestly no wonder cis gays always have these massive egos, grindr is literally just a localized circlejerking app

lewd, grindr 

where the FUCK is @Manurweibling , i’m exploring grindr for the first time and there are THREE accounts promoting glory holes within a mile of me and i need her emotional support

globeheads want you to think “europe” is a real place

i dont want to have to mask around people anymore

who has that meme of the skeleton sayin “hit da bricks”

instance block rec (redux) pt2 

More evidence of Qanon / MAGA accounts from Societal dot co because last time i brought them up some admins contacted me to say they felt they were likely just a liberal instance and that they would contact them to check, haven't heard anything since and theres been no evidence of any change or moderation.

Also final pic for the sort of astroturf bot like accounts they have that are built to push their weird "buy our progressive stuff" brand but also pro trump and pulling their christian clothing GodInterest and societal together

(sorry for reupload spam, forgot to include the final pic)

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instance block rec (redux) 

societal dot co continues to be filling up with Parler and Qanon accounts with no moderation intent, they have a Spiked account which posts far right Qanon conspiracy stuff continually and they are currently listed as the number 2 account on's "general" accounts sign up page list for new people.

They (Societal) are a very astroturfy UK clothing brand site that sells "progressive" clothing but also thin blue line clothing while also another branch of whoever is running them runs "Godinterest dot com" which is a Christian clothing site and congregation? vaguely anti-vax news site.

Their about page when talking about getting the "societal app on android" says to download the Gab app.

Their instance description lists them as "We champion free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online".


really? we’re doing a crab bit today? way too suck evolutions dick

reminder that socialization as a girl also happens when u present as a girl, want to present as a girl, and/or when society expects u to do so based on your verbalized gender

and that can be traumatic too, especially if u later discover u arent one

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