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hello cis man,

no need to reply to that post, i don’t actually care. thank you for the consideration. talk to you never, have a nice day.

love, me.

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⛓ my reading to-do list! 🛠 

Here are the first few I’m hoping to read! I’ll add onto this thread later!

-Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
-Eat Me: a natural and unnatural history of cannibalism by Bill Schutt
-Don’t Hold My Head Down: in search of some brilliant fucking by Lucy-Anne Holmes
-Stoned: how jewelry and obsession shape the world by Aja Raden
-Every Tool is a Hammer by Adam Savage
-Left Hand of Darkness (and the Disposessed) by Ursula Le Guin

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do i know what ur talking abt? no. do i love & support u anyway? of course.

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some of y’all are truely just More On Line than i am and it shows

also 911 when did my insomnia get bad again wrowr

i can’t wait to femboy it up once i get top. i’m gonna be wearing mesh shirts and miniskirts with copious body hair forever and be utterly unstoppable

gaming and/or gameing 

if you're a game dev who thinks your single player game needs anticheat, you're wrong

when i tell ppl i’ve been living with my ex for 10 months they get sketched out (extremely valid) but i swear to god this shit rules.

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tmi friendship relationship shit 

anyway friendship is a gift. i love him so fucking much. nobody tell him i’m gushing over him online, he’ll get a big head about it and he’ll probably bully me into buying him coffee tomorrow or something

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tmi friendship relationship shit 

if there’s one thing i’m grateful for it’s that when this idiot and i broke up we realized we were better at being friends and maintained our friendship. this motherfucker is my ride or die. like yes, we grew apart and we’ren’t that into eachother as a couple but we fucking kick ASS as best friends. like hot damn. if i’d known our breakup would’ve gone this well we would NOT have dated for six years lmfaooooo

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this is also the same man that once made me animal fries unprompted and brought me a plate to eat in the bath by

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i told my housemate i was thirsty but didnt want to get out of the bath so he refilled my water bottle and then threw a cup of water on my head

i love him so much lmfao

should i buy:

"If you’re waiting for a moment where you’re like “this is it,” I’m telling you, it never comes. Nobody comes on TV and says “things are officially bad.” There’s no launch party for decay. It’s just a pileup of outrages and atrocities in between friendships and weddings and perhaps an unusual amount of alcohol."

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“damn it feels good to be a gangster”

-my cracker ass driving away from the dealership in my beater car having told a grown man “No❤️”

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y’all i think i actually like car shopping 😂

it was fun walking out and having the salesman try flag me down and offer me a better deal as i was driving away LOL

i don’t trust skinny ablebodied cis queers.

i said what i said.

that recent article about people with thick thighs living longer 

i've been thinking about it a lot since it started making the rounds... i haven't been able to find the actual journal article/review the news is referring to but this has happened before: the fact is, higher weight people actually do live longer and recover from surgery and serious illness better-- especially WHEN THERE'S NO COMPOUNDING ISSUES WITH MEDICAL MALPRACTICE.

the other bullshit is that the story reinforces the good fatty/bad fatty archetype: good fatties have large ("curvy") thighs and hips, small waists and bellies. bad fatties have big bellies (presumably because they're gorging themselves on food all the time? idek)... because if you read most of the (USian) takes, they always come to the same conclusion: eat less and exercise more, and you won't have a belly any more.

there are so many things wrong with this but here's the biggest one that always comes to mind:

***correlation is not causation.*** just because people with more x are more likely to y, that does NOT mean that having less x will result in less y. literally ALL it means is that people with more x are more likely to y. you can't make any assumptions about the causal relationship. (to learn more about how ridiculous it is to conflate correlation with causation, check out

less than 5% of attempts to lose weight are successful in the long run. and yet, weight loss is prescribed by doctors for anything from the common cold to broken arms. not only are they biased against fat people, but they're incapable of providing us with evidence-based healthcare, because they can't see past our body shape and size.

anyway, it's also sexist af, since these types of body fat distribution studies tend to be focused on women.

it's also anti-Black af, since the "bad fatty" body type tends to apply to Black women more than other women.

and it's generally capitalist af, because the overwhelming majority of weight loss studies (and this recent news is just a review of tons of weight loss studies) have financial ties to the weight loss industry. so yes, thousands of studies might all say "fat is bad" or "well okay MOST fat is bad, but SEXY fat is good," but the reality is, thousands of studies were also financed by the companies that stand to gain the most by making us believe we need to be smaller.

instead of looking for ways to pathologize natural biodiversity, look at the bigger picture: who stands to gain the most from stories like these? who is most likely to be harmed by stories like these? what value is added to the world with that kind of clickbait?

fatphobia is always, always, always sexist, racist, ableist, and capitalist. scratch the surface of any article pathologizing size (even an article that says "chunky thighs are good, actually!") and you'll always see something sexist, racist, ableist, or capitalist.

i've said this before and i'll say it again: fat liberation and resisting diet culture is super fucking antifacist.

allergies or testosterone, the saga 

throat hurty :(

is allergies to something in my room?

or voice gettin ready 2 drop??????

anyway i’ve been in remission & haven’t had a lapse into a depressive episode for 2.5yrs, shoutout to dr. d for being a total babe

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