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🤍⛓Updated Intro⛓🖤 

🧷 hi, i’m noah, also sometimes called bee!

i’m a twenty-something transmasculine queer weirdo with too many hobbies and a bad habit of collecting mathoms and tchotchkes.

you can follow req me provided:
🖤 you interact with good faith
🤍 don’t flirt unless we’re buds
🖤 you don’t have foss in your bio
🤍 you’re not a nazi or nazi-adjacent

i encourage you to:
🔪not fucking try it with me🔪

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🤍🐣🤍 first bath post top surgery! (not explicit, but probably nsfw) 

good morning happy week of trans visibility! i’m more visible than ever so here are some cute pictures of me!

happy 2 months on T and three weeks of healing from top surgery to me!!!

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i’m sexy and powerful without tiddies. my tiddies were the mortal chains preventing me from reaching my full potential. now i am liberated from my big mommy milkers and cannot be stopped by god or man.

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⛓ my reading to-do list! 🛠 

Here are the first few I’m hoping to read! I’ll add onto this thread later!

-Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
-Eat Me: a natural and unnatural history of cannibalism by Bill Schutt
-Don’t Hold My Head Down: in search of some brilliant fucking by Lucy-Anne Holmes
-Stoned: how jewelry and obsession shape the world by Aja Raden
-Every Tool is a Hammer by Adam Savage
-Left Hand of Darkness (and the Disposessed) by Ursula Le Guin

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family being weird and transphobic 

@bee This feels deeply unsettling and indicative of a dangerous conception of ownership over you as a person that they have.

family being weird and transphobic 

for the record this absolutely could be worse and i don’t want to minimize that. i am just also bummed that they didn’t do better.

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#POLL about the mental thinking, please boost for accuracy

If/When you talk to yourself in your head, do you refer to yourself in the...?

family being weird and transphobic 

the long and the short of what i got from this is that they’re worried that bcs i used to have a trans housemate and am dating a nonbinary person, that i am now part of a transgender cult!

which is cool and great. they’re also pissed they “didn’t get the chance to question my choice” which is wild.

i’m very into this terfy “trans is a cult” vibe they decided to go with. very fresh, very cool take.

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okay who wants to read my parents’ response to my coming out letter i sent them three weeks ago that they just now replied to? i’m going to try and write them a reply by saturday, but’s a lot.

themtai, for that sweet sweet non-binary sex

how are we collectively so lucky as to live on the same planet as garlic


those t orgasms hit soooo different

my dose increasing rlly took things up a notch jesus

i honestly can’t believe i didn’t know i was autistic until quarantine, now that i know.

but wow, unmasking is such a blessing. i’m under my weighted blanket in a perfect pillow nest completely alone, and i’m so ✨happy✨.

anyway do y’all think corn or cob should die tomorrow? apparently they already picked but i’d love to hear y’alls thoughts. there was also a twitter poll.

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did y’all see that the white house’s instagram had a poll to decide which of two turkeys would get pardoned?

because that’s some fucking evil late-stage capitalism shit i gotta say.

if they pull some trick shit it’s not like the account will be long for this world anyway so ;)

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tbh i deny/accept follow reqs based on instance p often now. i have so much faith in good instance admin hahaha

COVID-19, great information that's not depressingly presented 

Adam Conover talks to an epidemiologist again about the evolving science about COVID-19 and what the best practices and the future looks like right now.

It's really good and nuanced and I learned a lot

my sense of camaraderie with so many of y’all is so fragile...... one instance move and pfp change and it all falls apart

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