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Who are you caring for? Who is checking up on you? Who is your solace, who comes to you when they need support?

The relationships we build now are what will keep us alive in the years to come. The love, the care, the empathy, the resilience that comes from community is paramount.

We have to unlearn individualism to survive collective tragedy.

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🤍⛓Updated Intro⛓🖤 

🧷 hi, i’m noah, also sometimes called bee!

i’m a twenty-something transmasculine queer weirdo with too many hobbies and a bad habit of collecting mathoms and tchotchkes.

you can follow req me provided:
🖤 you interact with good faith
🤍 don’t flirt unless we’re buds
🖤 you don’t have foss in your bio
🤍 you’re not a nazi or nazi-adjacent

i encourage you to:
🔪not fucking try it with me🔪

@bee guy who loves wrestling and has never done a sex: Woah kink has heels in it? that's badass

@bee sometimes a metaphor is poetic and gets to the heart and essence of what something is and lays bare its soul to the reader, and sometimes it just compares physical similarities and that's not wrong

@req @bee grabs megaphone REQ IS THE FISTER OF MONADS ONLINE

i got a phone interview at 1:00p so u dinks better wish me good luck

dragging @byttyrs away from the union hall, explaining over her protests that "trade" means something different in this context

folks in the US: applications for 2022 to get free binders are open now!

you can also donate at that link as well.

i’m so sorry julles, i promise i love you, i just always spell it spiel

also my phone tried to correct spiel to spiro and i’m not even mad

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“who wanna suck my pussy?!” has powerful trans energy

Howl's Moving Castle, bdd posting 

howl literally says he wants to die and turns to slime the moment his hair isn't exactly how he wants it. Body dysmorphic king.

my most toxic trait? getting bothered by the way ppl spell yiddish words despite the fact that romanized yiddish is non-standardized.

ok but being called “alphabet” or “alphabet mafia” is abhorrent right? it gives me tenderqueer vibes and massive ick

there was a sick tiktok where someone explained, ramble-style, their feelings abt the term queer, wherein queer ≠ lgbtq, queer = transgressive lgbtq. and i vibe with that reading. do i 100% respect ppl who do not ID with queer? for sure. is it the word that fits best for me? also yes. i don’t really refer to “the whole community” all that often, so i don’t really need to say “queer community”. but fuck immediately out of here with calling me “alphabet mafia” lmfaoooooo

Anyway I sorta lost the plot of my original thread from last night here, but let me terminate this divergence by saying Frank Miller Die Old Bitch

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Noah :ht: (they/he)'s choices: is a small hive of 6,001 bees, most of which are in a trenchcoat, and one that's simply buzzing around.