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AMA Sex Ed edition! 🍒 

Hi y’all! Happy Thursday! 🌟

I really miss doing anonymous questions with my students so here’s a chance to ask any/all questions about sex, health, or relationships you may have had on your mind!

Unlike my students, you can also ask me personal questions and I’ll answer within reason!

If y’all really enjoy this, I’m also happy to make this a regular thing! 🍒

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⛓ my reading to-do list! 🛠 

Here are the first few I’m hoping to read! I’ll add onto this thread later!

-Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
-Eat Me: a natural and unnatural history of cannibalism by Bill Schutt
-Don’t Hold My Head Down: in search of some brilliant fucking by Lucy-Anne Holmes
-Stoned: how jewelry and obsession shape the world by Aja Raden
-Every Tool is a Hammer by Adam Savage
-Left Hand of Darkness (and the Disposessed) by Ursula Le Guin

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needles, consent, and control 

note to self: thread incoming tomorrow on how learning to love being pierced gave me back a sense of bodily autonomy by letting me face pain and fear on my terms.

noooooo add brain why would u do this to me :( 

i can’t find my cbd pen 😢 catch me going to sleep sad

i truly don’t know how i lived without a tub for four years. whenever my body feels bad i get in a hot bath and instantly feel better.

had a dream i accidentally bought a macbook instead of a pc and couldn’t figure out how to do anything on it and got really stressed

i blame the foss replyguys who have been invading my mentions lately

strolling down the TL, simultaneously grateful and sad i’m usually asleep at this hour

y’all are fucking WILD in the morning

when i lie on the floor for 2 hours, i'm 'doing yoga'. when you lie on the floor for 2 hours, you 'have got depression'. we are not the same

but WHY must we keep "the economy" happy? COVID-19 is bad, but there's no famine and no shortage of viable housing. human needs could still be met even if most people did nothing at all for a full year

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i miss my ex......they only got to do rope suspension with me once bcs of their car accident + then coronavirus and tbh it was the best experience ever.

where am i gonna find a cute enby to tie me up during a global pandemic :(((((

(this is rhetorical ur bitch is already on dating apps and fetlife ok)


u ever wanna get off but not feel horny

its a bad time

anyways i'm indigenous and the only way to make the USA great is to give back our fucking land

i dont follow the person who posts them bcs they scare me. where is the thread. which one of u fucks has it saved

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legal support for folks in illinois

"The young people facing felony charges are being prosecuted more harshly and swiftly than the murderers of our own Kiwane Carrington, of Breonna Taylor, and so many others. The discrepancy between the speed and might with which they’re being charged versus those who’ve taken Black lives is a devastatingly accurate example of this criminal justice system’s fundamental failures and its deep-seated anti-Blackness."

[boosts requested]

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fedi, i cannot begin to say thank you enough. y’all raised $530, and i just ordered a laptop today. i wouldn’t have been able to afford it without all of your support, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 😭❤️ this community means so much to me.

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my digestion has been fucked lately & i’ve been considering going gluten-free again to see if it helps

but wow, i will be so sad if i gotta

ah, to be a cis man convinced everyone wants to hear about what gets my dick wet

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