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:ht: little cruelties: trauma, mental health, and reclaiming the body through suffering 

what is the connection between ritual suffering, harm reduction, body modification, and sadomasochism? why is pain such a compelling form of expressing and healing from trauma?

let’s talk about it.


(content warnings will be attached to each post, but general content warnings for the whole thread: mentions of body modifications, self harm, kink, BDSM, trauma, and mental health)

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🤍⛓Updated Intro⛓🖤 

🧷 hi, i’m noah, also sometimes called bee!

i’m a twenty-something transmasculine queer weirdo with too many hobbies and a bad habit of collecting mathoms and tchotchkes.

you can follow req me provided:
🖤 you interact with good faith
🤍 don’t flirt unless we’re buds
🖤 you don’t have foss in your bio
🤍 you’re not a nazi or nazi-adjacent

i encourage you to:
🔪not fucking try it with me🔪

selfie no ec 

i haven't posted a selfie in a minute so here's a reminder that i'm basically a shaved bear that became civilized learned to post.


there is a very quiet, very small, very hidden little part of my heart that has been aching for so long i don’t remember how it felt when it was full.

i just want to love someone who truly, deeply loves me too.

there’s a really fucking hot jewish transmasc person on tiktok whose super high fem and i’m just…… so in love

also there’s a hot twink with a cute beanie and tote bag at the coffeeshop but i’m scared it’s just a queerbaiting straight guy so i’m not gonna say hi :(

small vicious joys: watching ultra-rich silicon valley girlbosses walk unsteadily on their business heels after having worked from home for the last year


IT RICO DAY??????? omg happy best day of the year rico day 🥲🤍

ultimately i’m so incredibly boring as far as violent extremists go that i triple dog dare the fbi to find dirt on me. i’m a freaking disabled admin assistant, i don’t get up to much lawbreaking these days. :((((

is there an extremist pipeline i can throw them down or smthing

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how do you un-moderate-ify whole ass suburban white people

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my parents are fuckin moderates, this shit sucks

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